Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran Just Sang Together For The First Time In Years & Fans Went Wild

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What better way to ring in the month of December than by putting on a concert called the "Jingle Ball"? That's exactly what went down in Los Angeles on Friday, Dec. 1, and there was a duo that totally stole the show. Taylor Swift took to the stage with her old pal Ed Sheeran to perform a new track from Reputation (her latest album). From the looks of these tweets about Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran's Jingle Ball duet, fans were very much ready for this pair to return to the stage.

According to The Los Angeles Daily News, the 102.7 KIIS FM Jingle Ball 2017 saw some of today's biggest music stars perform their hits at the The Forum on Friday, Dec. 1, in Inglewood, California. Among them were Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. The two superstars each performed hits of their own, but the moment that had all the fans screaming was when they performed the track "End Game" off of Swift's new album.

On the album, the track features Sheeran and rapper Future. For the stage performance on Friday, Swift brought Sheeran out to sing his parts, and the two looked like they were having a great time together on stage.

Watch Swift and Sheeran perform their "End Game" duet.

Swift sparkled in what looks like a snake-print sequined hoodie, and Sheeran belted out his parts donning a black jacket and a blue baseball cap. To be honest, I don't think it would have mattered what they were wearing, because the fans were very much here for this musical reunion.

According to US Weekly, Friday was one of the first times Swift and Sheeran have reunited on stage since 2013; no wonder fans were freaking out.

Fans loved seeing the new Taylor with her old pal, Sheeran.

The pair seemed pretty happy to be back performing together, too.

It was dubbed the "MOMENT OF THE NIGHT!"

All caps were very necessary.

This Twitter user was "bawling" tears of happiness (I assume).

It was quite a momentous performance, so crying a little is acceptable, TBH.

We're talking about "legends" here people — LEGENDS.

They really do make a great duo.

Someone threw down this gauntlet.

Isn't there enough room for Tay and Bey? If you haven't listened yet, though, you need to hear the new Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran "Perfect" collaboration.


Apparently, the excitement was just too much.

This Swift and Sheeran performance marked the first-ever live performance of "End Game," so that was definitely another reason for fans to pretty much lose it (in the best way possible).

Swift teased Sheeran's possible appearance right before she broke into "End Game."

I guess they were loud enough (phew!).

While this duet might seem star-studded enough for mega-concert, there was really no end to the star-power that took that stage on Friday night.

Other performers included Kesha, Halsey, Niall Horan, Sam Smith, Liam Payne, and Demi Lovato. Even with all of those superstars taking the same stage, the Swift and Sheeran duet proved to be the most hyped performance of the night.

It makes sense that Swift and Sheeran would put on a stellar show because they appear to be great friends. Earlier this year, Sheeran released new music including his single "Shape of You," and Swift immediately took to social media to serve him all the props. Seriously, she fan-girled hard, and it was such a pure moment of friendship.

I guess we can thank these two for being #friendshipgoals and serving up a killer duet that you will no doubt be watching over and over again.

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