Rick & Negan Finally Had A Showdown On 'The Walking Dead' & Twitter Is Screaming

Gene Page/AMC

As this season of The Walking Dead is winding down, fans are sure to get what the "All Our War" has promised us from the start. In tonight's Season 8 Episode 12 installment of the series, we didn't exactly get the blood and gore that's generally expected from this show. But we did get a pretty epic showdown between two of the show's main characters — and the Twitterverse exploded once it happened. The tweets about Rick and Negan's face off on The Walking Dead were literally jumping off the screen of excitement.

In the promo that we got during last Sunday's episode, we knew that something was bound to go down between Negan and Rick. The two have been at odds for a number of seasons already, so obviously they were going to face-off at one point or another. And this "All Out War" season seems fitting for such a showdown to happen. But what happened once they did meet face to face wasn't exactly the battle that I think fans were expecting.

In any case, the two did meet in tonight's episode, just as was promised in the promo that we got last week.

And Twitter was screaming once Rick and Negan did face off in tonight's Walking Dead episode.

But things took a twist following that meeting. Rick and Negan basically found themselves defenseless when they chased each other down in an epic car chase and wound up in an abandoned house of some sort. The scene was set up for an epic battle, but neither of the two had any sort of army as backup to protect themselves. They were both essentially on their own, left to fight the army of zombies that was approaching the house on their own.

"This is where you die — in the dark. All alone," Rick warned Negan as they were tailing each other in the abandoned house. Negan proceeded to scold Rick about how he's failed pretty much everyone that he's set out to protect — namely the beloved Carl who we lost to the walkers a couple of episodes back. It's obvious that both Rick and Negan are both still reeling from that death, otherwise it wouldn't have hit such a nerve with Rick and Negan wouldn't have known to use it as ammo. But there was another loss coming for Negan this time.

A lot of fans were screaming something specific: Lucille!

By the end of the episode when we saw Rick managing to escape that abandoned house alive, I'm pretty sure everyone thought that Negan fell victim to the army of zombies that ambushed them. But in the final moments of the episode, we saw the Negan did in face make it out alive — but he wound up in the hands of Jadis, the former Scavenger head honcho that's pretty much been left to fight for herself since Negan's army killed every one of her allies.

And Twitter was erupting once they found out that Jadis has taken Negan as hostage.

So who knows what will happen to Negan now? His army of Saviors has absolutely zero idea that he's fallen victim to Jadis. I'm sure that they think he's off slaying Rick, and they're on their way to Hilltop to join him. Boy are they in for a surprise when they show up to find Negan and their ferocious leader is nowhere to be found. Will Jadis become the new Saviors leader and get her revenge on Negan? I sure hope so. We'll just have to wait another week to find out. And Twitter will always be there for you so that you can express your anger, frustration, and satisfaction about this show.