Everyone Is Making The Same Joke About The Pandas At The Olympic Closing Ceremony

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The 2018 Winter Olympics have officially come to and end and the PyeongChang Games capped off their two and a half week stay with an epic closing ceremony. If you didn't get enough in the opening ceremony, then you sure got that extra dose of Olympic goodness in the closing one. The star of the show? Some amazingly cute pandas. But the Twitterverse couldn't help but make this crack about the little bears. And the tweets about the pandas at the Olympics closing ceremony are all making the same joke.

So we've finished our time with the Olympics this year, and the athletes from around the world paraded around the main stadium for one final time. We've seen some amazing stuff already in the opening ceremony, specifically when the orchestrators of the program incorporated technology into their performance. In the closing ceremony it is tradition to feature the next Winter Games city, which is Beijing, China. The next host city entertains the athletes are spectators with their own part in the closing ceremony, and offers a chance to get a sneak peek at what were are to expect in four years.

And apparently, the way that it was done was with pandas. And a tribute to Tron?

Everyone couldn't help but notice how these panda bears looked like they were ripped out of a Tron movie. And seriously the resemblance is uncanny. The lit up bears danced around the stadium in Beijing's portion of the ceremony and it was one of the highlights of the exciting closing rites. I mean, glow-in-the-dark bears on roller skates. What's not to love?

But it wasn't just Twitter that was excited about these guys.

Former Olympian and everyone's favorite figure skating commentator Johnny Weir was also super pumped to see the adorable bears. When asked what his favorite part of the ceremony was, Weir screamed "The pandaaas!" with pure elation.

Weir also explained why the pandas were featured in Beijing's sneak preview of what we can expect when it comes time for China to host the Winter Games in 2020. Apparently pandas are a major symbol in Chinese culture, and Weir explained that they traditionally symbolize peace. And they're also just really stinkin' cute creatures.

The closing ceremony overall was a ton of fun, featuring K-pop performances, an amazing 13-year-old electric guitar sensation, and lots and lots of fireworks. The closing rites are a bit different than the opening ceremony, as the athletes can finally let out a sigh of relief and truly enjoy the fact that they have completed their competitions. Coming into the Olympics, nerves are at an all-time high. But once everything is over it's time to let loose and have a great time. Finally, the athletes can all just kick back and celebrate!

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This was especially a great Olympics for Team USA, who managed to snatch nine gold medals and 23 medals in total. But in the end it was Norway that came out on top, and wound up winning a grand total of 39 medals — 14 of which were golds. The nation beat Team USA's record of winning the most medals at a single Olympic Winter Games, making Norway the current record holder. Back in 2010 Team USA won 37 medals in Vancouver, and Norway ended up knocking them out of the top spot this year.

So congrats to all of the athletes that participated in the 2018 Winter Olympics, and a special congratulations are in order for those that made it to the podium. It was a great year for winter sports. I can't wait until everyone reconvenes in four years in Beijing so we can do this all over again.