Twitter Is Losing It Over Millie Bobby Brown's Shoes At The SAG Awards

by Kim Carpluk

It seems that heels are a red carpet staple, but what do you do when you're 13 years old and just don't want to deal with aching feet all night? You wear sneakers, of course. Tweets about Millie Bobby Brown’s Converse on the SAG Awards red carpet just prove that she is the most relatable queen of her generation. I remember wearing poofy dresses to my school dances and pairing them with my Converse so I'd be comfortable all night. The SAG Awards is just the equivalent of a school dance for someone who makes a living acting professionally in one of the biggest sci-fi shows of our time, right?

Millie Bobby Brown takes all the acting risks, so naturally, fashion risks are really NBD for her. If she can make us believe she can control things with her mind, Carrie-style, then of course she can woo us with her unconventional style choices, too.

First of all, when have you ever seen a seasoned actress wearing sneaks in her red carpet paparazzi pics? Personally, I would have loved to see Meryl Streep in a sensible Adidas shoe. Second of all, Millie Bobby Brown is proving that you can be 13 and look 13 on the red carpet. She looks age-appropriate and glam.

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Lest we forget, many a celeb has rocked Converse with a fancy party dress before. Kristen Stewart, an icon and house-hold name in her own right, rocked the same shoe brand over a decade ago on the red carpet. In her song "La La Land," Demi Lovato laments, "who said I can't wear my Converse with my dress? Oh, baby, that's just me."

Though many a star has rebelled against the rules of red carpet fashion by wearing Converse, Millie Bobby Brown is the first (to my knowledge) to do so at such a formal awards show. Kristen Stewards Converse rebellion at the MTV Movie Awards is a whole different ballpark. The SAG Awards are known for their prestige, and Millie Bobby Brown brought the cool back.

Just like this Twitter user says, you don't need Louboutins to absolutely slay life on red carpet, especially when you're a teenager.

Truly, Millie Bobby Brown is an acting legend. We all know this already. Now she can add "fashion icon" to the "special skills" section of her acting resume.

Can we all give a big "YAS" in agreement to Jess's tweet? You can be serious about your job (because honestly, you should be), but you don't have to be serious all the time. Just live your best life.

This Twitter user (who is clearly obsessed with the Upside Down) applauds the sheer range of Millie Bobby Brown's look. She can go to the SAG Awards and then celebrate with a burger at In-N-Out after.

This tweet really gets it right. Millie Bobby Brown is showing off her personality through her fashion choices, and that's how it should be.

Seriously though, we have to give an honorable mention to her space buns. Trendy hair plus a timeless shoe? She's slaying the game.

We can all agree, this look is "aesthetic" as aesthetic gets.

This self-proclaimed Stranger Things fan really hits the nail on the head. Beauty is what makes you feel beautiful. Bye-bye to the thoughts of others because, at the end of the day, you're only left with your own opinions.

In addition to embracing her originality, Millie Bobby Brown took the most important aspect of getting dressed into account: comfortability. Would you want to be worrying about how cramped your toes feel in heels that are too tight all night, or would you rather enjoy your Best Actress nomination?

In short, Millie Bobby Brown is slaying us all, just like she did the Demogorgon, all thanks to a pair of Converse sneakers.