These Tweets About Krystal On 'The Bachelor' Show Fans Are Already Sick Of Her Drama

by Laura Rizzo

Buckle up, people, it's Week 4 of The Bachelor, and things are getting real. The season always takes a strange turn around this time — connections get stronger, dates get more intense, and there are still a few "producer picks" hanging around to make things interesting. This week was filled with drama, drama, and more drama. Specifically, good girl Krystal hit her breaking point. Krystal's meltdown on The Bachelor was intense and Twitter has some thoughts.

Krystal is the kind of character that people love or love to hate — no in-between. She has been an obvious favorite of Arie's since the first night when she wowed him in her red dress. Her sweet voice, bouncy blonde hair, and DGAF attitude have made her one of the most talked about contestants this season. Although she has also been the most confident, Krystal hit a bump in the road during Week 4.

The show headed north to Lake Tahoe to soak up the fresh air and mountain views. The group date was a bit more tame this week — 12 of the ladies and Arie went hiking.

Fun, right? Since it is a reality show, the contestants had to go through a little bit of uncomfortable terrain. Professional survivalists served as their guide through the mountains. Arie also drank his own pee in front of everyone — which actually turned out to be apple juice. The women and Arie tried some... interesting new foods and went searching for a hot tub. Of course, they found a scenic hot tub in the mountains — it was so convenient. Typical Bachelor things.

The afterparty is when things took a turn for Krystal. Her rock-solid confidence was shaken after seeing all the other connections Arie has been making. Not saying she shouldn't have been surprised, but it is kind of the entire premise of the show she signed up for. *Sips tea.*

Basically, Krystal thought everyone was acting "juvenile" on the date and she didn't understand why everyone was vying for Arie's attention. Krystal then flipped the tables on everyone else and told Arie that she was being "ostracized" in the house. The whole thing was pretty cringeworthy.

Tia and Caroline tried pulling Krystal aside to clear the air. Honestly, it just added more tension, but they did the best they could. Tia ended up getting the date rose which "baffled" Krystal even farther.

It was kind of ironic because Krystal declared herself the "voice of reason" and the "voice of reality" at the beginning of the episode. Unfortunately, the pressure of the show gets everybody, and a moment of weakness is usually expected. It did come as a surprise considering she's been so sure Arie was just killing time until he could propose to her.

Arie has liked Krystal from Night 1, and even he agreed it had to do a lot with her red dress. Arie told InStyle during an interview that he remembers every single dress from Night 1 which is kind of amazing.


He specifically noted how he loves red dresses (like the one Krystal wore). He said,

For a first date, the sexiest thing a woman can wear is a beautiful dress, especially in a color like red ... Krystal’s red dress caught my eye right away. She was one of the only ones to wear that color and it looked amazing.

Krystal was also gifted one of the first one-on-one dates. This is where Krystal first made the turn into over-confidence. It was understandable — Arie took her in a private jet to Arizona. Krystal saw his high high school, drove around in his car, met Arie's dog, saw his house, and met his parents. That's like six months worth of dating rolled into one day.

Since the two did have a short history, this made Krystal's meltdown a little more acceptable to Arie. However, Twitter was not having it. For once, we're all sick of the drama.

Krystal definitely showed a new side to herself during Week 4. It was surprising, but not completely unexpected. I can't wait to see how the drama rolls out from here.

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