Kim Kardashian Dropped Her New Perfume & Twitter Is Already Obsessed With It

by Jamie LeeLo

If you've been feeling like Kim Kardashian has a lot going on between her third baby on the way, shooting her fourteenth season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, running her Kimoji and ScreenShop apps, maintaining her KKW Beauty contour products, and being married to Kanye West, then you've been right. However, it looks like she isn't stopping there. Tweets about Kim Karashian's perfume prove fans are so, so excited about the launch of her new product.

Fans began cracking their knuckles and stretching their fingers in preparation of the big day, making sure they were ready to hit "ADD TO CART" as soon as the moment arrived. On Wednesday, Nov. 15, Kardashian released the first three scents under her new KKW Fragrance line, and the world erupted in an eau de parfum frenzy. Predictably, the tiny crystal-like capsules began selling out at record speed, making this business venture just as successful as the KKW cosmetics that came before it.

While the fragrance shares the same KKW name as Kardashian's previous contour beauty kits, fans had to navigate to a new and exciting website to make their purchases. Up until the release, KKWfragrance.com was just a series of spinning crystal graphics in Kardashian's signature muted colors. Once the perfumes went on sale, it was the hottest place to be on the internet.

Fans began freaking out, like always.

What can we say? The people want what the people want, and they always want whatever Kim Kardashian has.

For now, fans can smell like her at the weirdly affordable prices of $60 or $35, depending on the size of the bottle. The perfumes come in two sizes (75mL and 35mL), and buyers have three different scents to choose from: Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus, and Crystal Gardenia Oud. On KKW Fragrance's Instagram, the scents are described as having "captivating top notes of bergamot, lavender, red rose and jasmine. Deep notes of oud, patchouli and royal amber deepen the signature scent."


WWD reports that once the perfumes are gone, that's it, so any lucky fans who grabbed one today can rejoice. Reportedly, we might be able to expect new scents coming out in time for Valentines Day, but for now, Kardashian has no plans on restocking.

I know. Heartbreaking.

Fans might be surprised to know that for Kardashian, creating the crystal concept was a much more personal and spiritual process than we might think. In fact, some of her inspiration even stemmed from the horrific events of her Paris Robbery in October of 2016.

Kim sat down with Entertainment Tonight to talk about her inspiration. She said,

The bottle looks like a crystal. And, after my whole Paris situation over a year ago, all of my friends would come over and bring me healing crystals. And, I thought 'wow.' I love having them in my home. I love what they mean, and I actually feel really calm. And so, Gardenia also makes me feel calm. That's my favorite flower. It's my favorite scent. So I thought my favorite things, the things that are the most precious to me right now, and what's important in life, is just to be like totally calm and safe and feel like I'm going through this healing process.

She added,

I think everything in life happens for a reason even if its really traumatic. I learn from it. I grow from it. I'm a better person because of it. And I'm doing totally fine... and I smell really good!

We're so glad to hear that, Kim! And we so, SO love these delicious smelling crystals. (I mean, they're not physically in on our hands yet, but we probably love them. You get it.)

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