The Camera On iPhone X Is Seriously Impressive & Twitter Is Shook


Apple's highly-anticipated iPhone X finally hit stores on Friday, Nov. 3. With so many people finally able to get their hands on the feature-packed device, Twitter is — totally understandably — flooded with excited iPhone X owners showing off its arguably most impressive piece of technology: the camera! Apple users lucky enough to snag the new iPhone on launch day had mixed reactions, but tweets about the iPhone X camera prove "impressed" was a common theme.

Why Are People Impressed?

The Cupertino, California-based tech company's chief design officer, Jony Ive, told the world exactly what the iPhone X means to the Apple brand in a statement back in September. ""iPhone X marks a new era for iPhone," Ive said following the next-generation iPhone's bombshell debut at Apple's keynote presentation on Tuesday, Sept. 12. "One in which the device disappears into the experience." But just in case you missed Apple's mega announcement then, let's recap what makes the iPhone (and it's camera, most importantly) so special.

Portrait Mode And Portrait Lighting On The Front- And Rear-Facing Cameras

iPhone X's rear-facing camera is basically a mini, 12-megapixel DSLR. It has features you'd find on a professional camera including apertures, color filters, and a quad LED True Tone Flash. Meanwhile, the ultra quality 7-megapixel front-facing camera is equally head-turning, because — for the first time ever — users can shoot selfies in Portrait Mode. Hello, serious Insta game!

Face ID And Animojis

Oh yeah, that awesome front-facing camera with True Depth technology is what makes Apple's futuristic Face ID and animated emoji (aka Animoji) technology possible.

See? It's easy to understand why everyone's so hyped about playing with the iPhone X's powerful little camera. Tweets are still pouring in, but these are some of the best first takes on the much-awaited smartphone's photo capabilities.

Pictured: Scenic shots of colorful fall foliage captured beautifully.

Just look at the those details. In the second photo, we can see that the depth of field feature definitely works, too.

"Of course I had to test the new #iPhoneX camera on my pooches."

Name a better subject! I'll wait.

Is there such a thing as too clear?

This is A+ work, Apple.

"The camera on the iPhone X is wow."

It's worth ALL the money, TBH.

Like, I need it.

What are the alternatives even?

Shoutout to the amazing front-facing camera.

And more foliage photos.

Here's a side-by-side comparison of the iPhone X camera versus the iPhone 7 camera.

Heart eyes emoji all the way!

With an iPhone X in their pocket, it's clear anyone can be perfectly capture a moment with photographer-level results. To make the most of it, we at Elite Daily have a few tips that you could use to help take better pictures on the iPhone X camera. Read them carefully so you can take the best photos you've ever taken.

Behold, three ways to ensure you're snapping the best possible photos with the iPhone X.

  1. Double tap on photos and videos for optical zoom. Feeling stealthy? Press and hold to get up to 10 times closer.
  2. Use True Tone flash with Slow Sync in low light for a brighter foreground subject and perfectly exposed background.
  3. Take a photo while recording a video by tapping the white circle to the left of the record button.

If these super awesome camera capabilities don't convince you to upgrade to the iPhone X over the iPhone 8, I don't know what will. (BRB, pretending my iPhone 6 is just as good!)

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