Everyone's Tweeting The Same Thing About Friendsgiving & Honestly, We Can Totally Relate

by Caroline Burke

Friendsgiving can be tough. After all, who has the time to organize some big potluck dinner party between 20 different people? (More importantly, who has 20 friends? Asking for a friend, duh.) Sometimes it's the events intended to bring us together that can make us the most aware of how separated we actually are. But if you're feeling bummed about flying solo this holiday, tweets about Friendsgiving are sure to remind you how utterly normal it is to be alone during the holidays.

Between the endless torrent of social media posts and the nonstop holiday TV specials, you might start to wonder if literally everyone is whipping up some insanely delicious meal to share with all of their besties in a gorgeous overlook filled with stringed lights and themed decorations. But in truth, most Friendsgivings are just dinner. That's it.

In 2017, we have to deal with two sets of realities on a daily basis: the real world, and the social media world. In the social media world, you might think that you're missing out on the most fun you've ever had in one night if you don't go to a Friendsgiving party. In the real world, most people don't even go to one at all. The good news is that the social media world giveth as much as it taketh: Here are a few tweets about Friendsgiving that'll help you realize you're never truly alone during the holidays.

Who's Ready For A Shark Tank Marathon?
ryan on Twitter

Who knows, maybe you'll come up with the next million dollar idea! Then you can have as many Friendsgivings as you want in your mansion in Malibu, and all of your investors can be your new best friends.

Another Night Home With The Cat
freddie ransome on Twitter

Brain blast: Instead of Friendsgiving, throw yourself a Spa-Giving, and pamper the sh*t out of yourself with a manicure, pedicure, face mask, and maybe some quality time with your cat.

Table For One, Please
Drew on Twitter

Hey, no one ever said that you have to have friends around for a Friendsgiving. Be your own best friend, cook some absolutely delicious food, and enjoy your solitude. At least you can guarantee you'll get your hands on seconds, right?

Do We Really Need Human Friends Anyway?
tio mike on Twitter

Honestly, I'm so down for this idea. What if we started some sort of partnership with shelters and took 50 cats and dogs home for the day to celebrate Thanksgiving the right way? And then, you know, we can just keep all of the animals in our own homes indefinitely. Again, just asking for a friend.

That Moment When You Get To The Heart Of The Matter
jordie🍃 on Twitter

Craigslist, anyone? This sounds like the plot of the next award-winning indie film — or maybe perfect fodder for the next American Psycho plotline. Either way, let's do it.

Grateful, Yet Salty
WalleDue on Twitter

It's not Friendsgiving until you've sorted through your squad and decided who you want to axe out of your life, am I right?

How Long Has This Party Been Happening Without Me?
VIC on Twitter

I actually experienced this exact sentiment when I was in college and a friend referenced her longtime tradition of Friendsgiving to me.

There's nothing better than being the last one to the party. But hey, at least the invite finally came, right?

Recipes Can Be Tricky
Marissa ✨ on Twitter

OK, I'm not going to lie to you, this one actually made me laugh out loud. I'm just imagining someone checking off a long Friendsgiving to-do list, only to get to the bottom and remember that they literally don't have a Friendsgiving to attend. Talk about a let-down.

Nothing Better Than A Holiday Daydream
Claire Lacure on Twitter

Imagine having not only enough friends to have a Friendsgiving, but friends who actually know how to use a stove without burning their eyebrows or your tastebuds. What a world, what a world.

With A Little Perspective, Solo-Giving Seems Just As Nice
Trevor on Twitter

I resonate with this one on a very serious level. Like, yeah, eating food with your friends sounds fun in theory, but have you ever eaten food by yourself? Because that kind of glory is something that is truly worth celebrating.

Asking For A Friend

What if your friends just don't like cooking? Or holidays? What if your friends want to make a political statement about how messed up the pilgrims were with the Native Americans? Yeah, that's definitely why you don't have a Friendsgiving to go to.