"Crossushi" Is The First Weird Food Mashup Of 2018 & Twitter Is Very Concerned

by Collette Reitz
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While the years may come and go, some things will usually remain constant. The ubiquity of new "food trends" is definitely one of those constants. You may have thought that you've seen it all, what with cronuts, unicorn pizza, and goth ice cream, but 2018 is not about to be shown up in the food trends department. It only took less than a week into this new year for latest craze to (kind of) catch on. You'll understand some people's ambivalence toward it once you look at these tweets about "Crossushi."

First of all, what is crossushi? Well, it's pretty much a hybrid of what it sounds like: a croissant filled with smoked salmon, wasabi, pickled ginger, and nori seaweed. It's all topped off with sesame seeds and served with soy sauce on the side, according to HelloGiggles. You can order one when you get the "California Croissant" at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in San Francisco.

While mashups like the cronut (croissant and donut) and the sushi burrito found great success, it's not quite as apparent if crossushi will reach the same heights of food-trend fame — although it could make for a great addition to your Snap Story.

Twitter recognized the crossushi trend.

"Is the world ready for the sushi croissant?"

In an effort to stay current, people are talking about crossushi, and it seems like they're just not that into it.

Questions emerged about why this had to happen.

"...why are y'all like this?"

People wanted to reprimand whoever was responsible.

"That is unacceptable. Someone needs a stern talking to."

Once people found out crossushi was a real food trend, they were shook.

"I'm gonna need a minute."

Cooking any part of sushi just seemed weird to some people.

"Do they have any idea what sushi actually is????"

For some, there are no redeeming qualities of crossushi.

"Simultaneously ruining a croissant and sushi."

Crossushi as the new food trend? Not on his watch.

"The hell it will."

Some just wanted as much distance between themselves and the crossushi as possible.

"Rapidly turns around and runs away at full speed."

Amazing croissant plus amazing sushi does not always add up to "amazing" crossushi.

"Look, sushi is amazing. Croissants are also amazing. But...the world will spontaneously combust if you tried to put them together."

Why can't we just leave good enough alone, you guys?!

"Basically taking croissants (good) and sushi (good) and mushing it together into one revolting dish no one asked for."

Stop trying to make crossushi happen.

"Is 'crossushi' something we need to be worried about, too?"

OK, I'm starting to feel a little bad for poor crossushi because I really could't find many positive reviews on Twitter. To be fair, though, I'm not sure how many of the crossushi haters actually tried the new creation — but from their reactions, I'm not sure if they'll ever be game to try it.

It's not all lost for crossushi yet, though. The bakery that came up with the creation, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, will rotate the flavors according to the season. So, maybe a new flavor combination will turn crossushi doubters around.

If you don't think a flavor switch-up could even get you excited about crossushi, the you can look forward to some of the other food trends that are predicted to be huge in 2018. According to Eater, nostalgic foods will see a rise in popularity — but honestly, I don't think that resurrecting childhood favorites every year really went out of style.

So, if crossushi will never be your thing, you can still stay trendy in 2018 by enjoying all of your classic favorites — Chips Ahoy! cereal, anyone?

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