Bermuda DGAF About The Cold, Wore Bermuda Shorts To The Opening Ceremony Anyway

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If Americans though it was cold in the states, the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic opening ceremony temperatures are beyond brutal — but apparently, the team from Bermuda didn't get that memo. (Or at the very least, didn't really care.) The Bermuda team came out wearing — what else? — Bermuda shorts, and Twitter absolutely lost it. In fact, these tweets about Bermuda's Bermuda shorts at the 2018 opening ceremony might have been one of my favorite moments. Somewhere, a frat boy name Chad or Brad is cheering with glee!

Nothing says love quite like waking up at 5 in the morning to watch Team USA in all their glory, as well as all the other participating countries walking through Olympic stadium during the Parade of Nations. All of the patriotism! All of the culture! It's amazing and so, so important to watch. Although I was caught up cheering for Team USA (and I'll tell anyone who'll listen that that was my favorite moment), I'll secretly admit that Bermuda being Bermuda, in their Bermuda shorts, was a top five moment for me, for sure. Who am I kidding? It was definitely top two. Just don't make me choose between America and Bermuda!

A range of emotions flooded my mind when I saw Bermuda in their Bermuda shorts. Am I really seeing this? Maybe I'm still asleep? After questioning if my mind was playing tricks on me, Twitter confirmed that I wasn't stuck in a morning stupor. Their look says "I'm totally going to get hypothermia, but make it #fashun.

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At first I had a huge face-palm moment: Right now in PyeongChang, it's currently 30 degrees. I'm from New York, so 30 is a total sweet spot during the winter. If there's not a strong wind, 30 basically feels like summertime. However, there's no way, not a chance, that you'd catch me wearing shorts in that temperature. I can 100 percent admit that I'm privileged to being warm all winter long (and very thankful to be warm all winter long), but in these type of conditions, I could never willingly wear shorts.

I mean, Bermuda, WYD?

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What's surprising though, is that's what made me love the entrance even more. Nothing says intimidation like rocking a pair of shorts. I doubt it was their intention to scare off the competition (or maybe it was! who knows!), but if Bermuda, being Bermuda, means wearing Bermuda shorts in the dead of winter like it's nothin', (say that five times fast), then sign me up! JK, my allegiance is totally to Team USA. Still, in the wise words of Bella Hadid, "If homeboy shows up in jeans during 30 degree weather, it's quiet for him".

Twitter Agrees That Bermuda Looks Like Really, Really Pretty Even In The Cold

"I hope Bermuda guys will get extra blankets on that stadium, OMG. Comparing to all the other teams they are almost naked. #Olympics2018#PyongChang2018#OpeningCeremony #WinterOlympics2018"

And this sums up my feelings perfectly...

"The team from Bermuda wearing actual Bermuda SHORTS in freezing weather for the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics is the most iconic example of committing to your truth I've ever seen. Yaaaaasssss queens."

Perhaps they didn't really want to?

Blame it all on the Olympics committee, I see how this works.

Some people think we should have the medal ceremony right now.

"So it's about 20 degrees here in #Pyeongchang and a windchill in single digits but the team from Bermuda is wearing...wait for it #Bermuda shorts. Give em a gold."

Also, They're Basically In A Cryo Chamber

This translation is everything: "Apparently knows no pain: The delegation of the Caribbean State of Bermuda is coming, well, in Bermuda shorts (only athlete: Tucker Murphy/Cross-country) #PyeongChang2018#OpeningCeremony"

"Damn... These athletes from Bermuda are either insanely tough or forgot to check the weather#OpeningCeremony," one user tweeted.

Though He's Obviously Not From Bermuda, Apparently Tonga Man, Wanted To Also Come Through With Some Competition

This. Is. Everything: "#Bermuda marched in shorts. #Tonga says, #HoldMyBeer. #OpeningCeremony"

Another tweeted,: "Up bright and early watching the #OpeningCeremony at work! Highlights so far: shirtless Tonga guy, Canada’s huge delegation and Bermuda wearing shorts."

I mean... "#Tonga making #Bermuda look overdressed! Hope they’ve both got warm coats and trousers stashed somewhere. #looksabitchilly#PyeongChang2018 #WinterOlympics2018#OpeningCeremony"

Interestingly enough, Bermuda shorts actually have a history to their global domination. I promise the humble beginnings of Bermuda shorts don't stem from the fact that a frat bro decided to cut his pants off mid-party. According to The Bermudian, the appearance of Bermuda shorts dates back to the first half of the 20th century. British officers who were stationed in Bermuda had to wear traditional long trousers for their uniform.

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While that was totally OK in Great Britain, soldiers often had to adapt their uniforms based on the climate. Unlike South Korea, Bermuda is hot. Enter the Bermuda short, and the rest is history. I don't think the soldiers predicted it would become a serious fashion statement. Especially among the salmon short-wearing set.

Bright noses aside, you do you Bermuda, and good luck! May the Bermuda warmth be with you.