There's A Wild Theory About Adele & Sam Smith's Voices & Twitter Can't Deal

by Laura Rizzo
Kevin Winter/Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Calling all celebrity conspiracy theorists — I've got a good one for you. Due to some surprising evidence that has recently been revealed on Twitter, fans are suspecting that... wait for it... the London bred singers Adele and Sam Smith are actually the same person. Are you shocked? Did you faint in a dramatic fashion? Did you suspect this the whole time? I'll break down the theory below, but tweets about Adele and Sam Smith prove that fans just can't deal right now. IT'S JUST TOO MUCH EXHILARATING INFORMATION.

Let's start with the similarities between the two: Both are singers, create extremely soulful music, have taken hiatus from the spotlight, have English accents, and have distinct fashion sense. If you forgot, Sam Smith disappeared from the limelight due to vocal chord surgery while Adele took a rest after having her son, Angelo. Both know how to disappear and come back more relevant than ever — THAT TAKES REAL SKILL. Only Kylie Jenner has mastered this as well as Adele and Sam Smith did.

Another thing I didn't notice until this theory started circulating — there are, like, no photos of the two of them together. If you Google "Adele and Sam Smith," there are nothing of relevance pops up.

If you have a photo of the pair, please share ASAP because my search has been coming up with zilch. V suspicious.

The biggest indicator that started the whole thing has to do with their singing voices. According to Teen Vogue, Twitter user @jesse21valona stumbled upon this discovery using the vinyl edition of Adele's song "Hello" from 2015. When the record was slowed down, Adele's voice seemingly morphed into sounding a lot like Sam Smith. The caption for the video read,

Did you know that when you slow down Adele it’s actually Sam Smith

Here is "Example B" using Adele's "Million Years Ago."

To be honest, I'm shook to my core. Sam, is that you? It's a strange occurrence, at the very least. Twitter cannot handle this conspiracy theory right now. It's just too much fun.

Twitter user @sarahhoogenraad's dad had this as an open-and-shut case YEARS ago. The user said, "Y’all are just now realizing that Sam Smith and Adele are the same person, my dad @danluvzmelissa has been saying this for YEARS!!!" Sometimes, parents can be wise.

User @nrashton2015 summed up the whole theory by saying, "Adele slowed down sounds like Sam Smith. I have never seen a picture of them together in the same room. Therefore, Adele is both Adele and Sam Smith."

Yeah, makes sense to me.

Of course, not everyone is buying into the madness.

As with any good conspiracy theory, there are a few obvious debunkers. First of all, Adele and Sam Smith are four years apart in age. Also, Adele has won 15 of the 18 Grammy Awards she's been nominated for while Sam Smith has won four Grammys out of six nominations. That's an 11-Grammy gap, which would be hard for one person living a double life to pull off.

Another huge thing that supporters of the theory are having a hard time explaining: When you speed up Sam Smith's songs, it doesn't sound as much like Adele. The video below is Smith's "Too Good At Goodbyes" sped up.

The particular video above had people saying it sounded like Halsey. LOL, I THINK TWITTER IS BROKEN AT THIS POINT.

Whether Sam Smith and Adele are actually different people or not, I'm glad we get separate bops from each of them. I don't think the two of them being one artist could support all the love from fans.

However, there are no photos of them together which is so, so suspicious. I guess to put a decisive end to this theory Adele and Sam Smith will just have to perform or go on tour together. If this is the outcome this ridiculousness has — I AM HERE FOR IT.

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