Truly's Iced Tea Hard Seltzer features real tea and seltzer.

Truly Launched A Refreshing AF Sip That's A Mix Of Hard Seltzer & Iced Tea

Courtesy of Truly

If ever you're going to want to avoid spilling the tea (literally), it's when you're sipping a can of Truly's new creation. The new sip is a take on a classic summer drink, with a seltzer kick and four super fruity flavors. You've had the OG summer (or anytime, really) staple, but now get ready to add Truly's Iced Tea Hard Seltzer to your rotation. From the looks of things (i.e. the description on the can), it's a refreshing blend of iced tea and hard seltzer, and it will totally change up your happy hour.

Truly announced its new Iced Tea Hard Seltzer on Wednesday, Jan. 6, and it’s a blend of real brewed tea, hard seltzer, and sweet fruit flavors. The iced tea and seltzer mashup is available nationwide in 12-count variety packs as of Jan. 6, but if you don't see it in your local store yet, you may need to wait as it continues to roll out. Inside the packs, you’ll find four summery flavors: Lemon Tea, Raspberry Tea, Peach Tea, and Strawberry Tea. And like Truly’s other alcoholic sips, these are 5% ABV with 1 gram of sugar per can.

Although pricing varies by retailer, you can expect the 12-count variety pack option to run you between $14.99 and $18.99. The best way to see prices and availability in your area is to check Truly's store locator. There's also a single 24-ounce can option and a six-pack option for the Lemon Tea flavor.

If you’re 21 or over and ready to try Truly’s Iced Tea Seltzer, the brand is also kicking off a fun way to celebrate the launch with its “Try January” giveaway, which launched on Jan. 6. To get some tea-spired merch, go to Truly’s giveaway page and enter your info. Then, you can choose from fun Iced Tea Hard Seltzer themed merch, like a beanie or a coozy, and get it for free. You’ll need to act fast though because the brand is only giving away items to the first 900 people who sign up.

Courtesy of Truly

The new tea-tastic sips join the brand's other options, including its classic Hard Seltzer packs, as well as Truly's Lemonade Hard Seltzer packs, which launched in January 2020.

When you go to the store to pick up Truly sips, you'll want to follow the coronavirus safety recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as of Dec. 31, which recommends avoiding unnecessary store trips and ordering pickup or delivery when possible. If you do go out, wear a face mask, practice social distancing, and wash or sanitize your hands after leaving the store.

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