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Tristan Thompson’s Response To Khloe Kardashian’s Pregnancy Proves That Her Instagram Said It All


Someone pinch me, because I'm not entirely convinced that this is really happening. Finally, after months of non-stop speculation, Khloé Kardashian confirmed that she's pregnant in an Instagram post on Wednesday, Dec. 20. As exciting as it was to finally know for sure that another Kardashian baby is on the way, fans next had to wait for Tristan Thompson's response to Khloe's pregnancy announcement.

Of course, we could assume that he was absolutely thrilled, considering what Khloé said in the announcement. To share their big news, she posted a photo of herself wearing a Calvin Klein sports bra, with her and Tristan's hands cradling a small baby bump. Khloé added a long caption about how excited she is to become a father, and obviously brought up Tristan. She wrote,

Awww! And if that's not sweet enough, she went on to describe exactly how amazing Tristan has been throughout her pregnancy:

Well, it seems like Khloé really said it all for the couple, because the first way Tristan responded to the announcement was simply by liking the Instagram post.

After all, I couldn't have been the only one furiously refreshing my IG feed to see who was liking and commenting on Khloé's photo... right? First, most of the Kardashians liked the pic (yes, including Kylie), along with Khloé's famous friends, and pretty much everyone I follow on Instagram. Then, finally, about an hour after Khloé shared the announcement, Tristan liked it.


Soon after, he left a comment that will literally melt your heart.


Tristan wrote,

Funnily enough, Khloé actually responded to her own pregnancy announcement before Tristan did. After she posted the photo and was immediately met with literal millions of likes and a flurry of positive comments and tweets, she took a moment to thank fans for their support.

Khloé even said in the pregnancy announcement that she waited to share the news so that they could just bask in the happiness before facing public scrutiny. At the end of the IG caption, she wrote,

Whenever we do hear more from Tristan, I'd expect a similar level of excitement and emotions. Khloé said on a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, "[Tristan] wants to have kids now. He said, 'I want to have kids with you, [and] if you get pregnant, you could make maternity jeans for [your clothing line] Good American."

She's also said on the show, "Tristan and I definitely talk about starting a family. He wants to have like five or six kids with me, and that's lovely. We can start at one and grow from there."

This pregnancy seems to be something that both Tristan and Khloé have wanted for a long time, so an Instagram like is nothing compared to the joy they're both surely feeling.