Tristan Posted The Most Adorable Polaroid Photos With True, I Can't Deal

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Tristan Thompson is spending his time off work in the best way possible — bonding with his and Khloé Kardashian's daughter, True. Much to the surprise of his followers, Thompson, who rarely posts family photos on Instagram, has even been documenting some of his at-home hangouts with True on his page. Tristan Thompson's polaroid photos with True are too adorable to handle.

After the NBA season was suspended on March 11 amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Thompson has been self-quarantining in Los Angeles near Kardashian and True. Many eagle-eyed fans noticed that Thompson has been spending a lot of time at Kardashian's house, leading her to address speculation that he was living with them at the moment.

"Lol he visits to see his daughter," Kardashian, who split from Thompson in February 2019, tweeted. "Bless us all."

Kardashian has been open and honest about the hard work she and Thompson put into cordially co-parenting True, and their photos are proof that they're putting their best foot forward, and it's paying off.

Whether True is running through her backyard, jumping on her trampoline, or lounging in the house with her parents watching movies, the toddler is always smiling and laughing.

On Sunday, March 29, Thompson and True appeared to have a blast in front of the camera together. Both in their casual tees, the father-daughter duo hammed it up and Thompson shared the adorable outcome of their Polaroids in an Instagram post he simply captioned with a red heart. See the pics below.

When he's not spending time with True, Thompson has been passing the social distancing days by cooking, working out at home, and encouraging other people to do their part and stay home to flatten the curve. But, fans can all agree Thompson's best Instagram content are the photos of True's pure smile.

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