Travis Scott Tweeted About Kylie Jenner's 'Forbes' Cover & His Message Is So, So Sweet

by Jamie LeeLo
Noam Galai/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If it wasn't already the decade of Kylie Jenner, 2018 is certainly the year of Kylie Jenner. The new mom and makeup mogul just popped up on the cover of Forbes magazine under the headline "America's Women Billionaires" and is being applauded as the youngest-ever self-made billionaire. It's sort of a lot to take in. The public has mixed feelings on the news (some questioning if she's really "self-made"), but the only person whose opinion really matters has nothing but love for Jenner. Travis Scott's tweet about Kylie Jenner's Forbes' cover shows these two are solid, in love, and have each other's back. So, chill out, Dictionary.com.

According to the magazine, Jenner's cosmetic empire is currently worth right around $900 million. That's just a celebrity's stone-throw distance to the big "B" word, and the girl isn't even legally allowed to drink yet. (She turns 21 on August 10.) This makes Jenner the wealthiest Kardashian/Jenner family member, even surpassing the reigning rich queen, Kim Kardashian West. Forbes estimates Kardashian West's worth is 350 million, just over one-third of her little sister's. Right now, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg holds the "youngest self-made billionaire" title, having achieved the 10-digit figure at the age of 23.

All of this to say - the girl is impressive and Travis Scott agrees. Scott, who is usually pretty quiet when it comes to Kylie and his family, shouted her out in a big way on Twitter. He re-shared the cover photo with the caption, "CAN'T BE MORE PROUD." He also included a few colorful hearts that sort of look like a Kylie Lip Kit swatch to me. (Too far of a reach?)

Fans love seeing Scott and Jenner flaunt their relationship, especially because outward displays of affection are few and far between with these two. Followers have loved Jenner's return to social media since the birth of Stormi and ate up her appearance with Scott at the 2018 Met Gala. But, beyond that, family photos aren't really their thing.

Despite Scott's noticeable absence from Jenner's Instagram posts, sources say they're both really hands-on parents to their daughter. In February 2018, a source told E! News the rapper is "in love" with his little girl. The insider explained, "He says his baby girl is a blessing and he is so grateful she is healthy." The source added, "Travis is on baby duty and helping Kylie."

As for Jenner, she's somehow found a balance between being an incredibly rich young person and a new mom. Even with her Forbes victory, insiders say she's more focused on her growing family than anything else. "Kylie has been so much more relaxed and natural since Stormi was born,” one source tells People. “She’s softer in a way. And, she’s just as busy as ever, but her priority is her daughter."

It also sounds like she's swapping her lipliner and heels for Chapstick and sneaks! The insider continued, "She’s not spending as many hours as she did before to focus on herself. And Kylie has never been big on getting dressed up — she’s much more comfortable in T-shirts and cozy pants. She feels much more like herself and it’s easier, kind of like her mom uniform!"

Look, whatever her uniform is, it's working. Somewhere, Jenner is celebrating becoming a mom, becoming a billionaire, and becoming 21-years old, all in the same handful of months. Me? I'm celebrating putting on matching socks this morning and finding a ten-dollar bill in my pocket. We all have our own victories, ya know?

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