Kylie's Met Gala Body Language Shows She Loves Travis, But There's One Problem

by Candice Jalili
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The Met Gala is known for some groundbreaking pop culture moments and last night's event didn't disappoint. Two of the most noteworthy attendees were new parents Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, who made their first red carpet appearance. For those of you who haven't been "keeping up" with the youngest Kardashian-Jenner, she recently had a baby named Stormi Webster with Scott. The couple has managed to keep their relationship fairly low-key despite their A-list status, but Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's body language at the Met Gala last night revealed that, while she's totally cool with packing on the love in front of the cameras, he's not quite as down with the PDA.

We asked Patti Wood, body language expert and author of SNAP: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, to look at pictures of them working it for the paparazzi and let us know what we can learn from their relationship. "I've read them before and she typically demonstrates much more affection, much more attachment," Wood notes. "She touches him more. He typically tries to have a very cool face or no affect every single time. That's part of his persona."

OK, so take that into account and let's get this body language party started, people!

He matters to her more than anything.
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The first thing Wood comments on in this image is Scott's face, which looks either like he's "a little bit out of it" or that he's trying to achieve an "almost mannequin-like effect."

The hope for their love in this photo lies in his feet. "A nice thing is that, if you look at his foot placement, he has his back foot pointed towards her," Wood notes. "He doesn't even always do that. The feet are the most honest portion of the body — I always say that — and I really liked that he at least did that which is actually fairly strong."

"Also, if you look at his upper body, above the waist and up his shoulder, it's into her with his head towards her," she continues. "I would like him to be closer but I'm taking some consideration in these reads in the dress. The dress has some fragility to it so you have to be careful of it."

Another out-of-the-ordinary display of affection for Scott can be seen in his hand placement. "You see the left hand, the fingers are holding her and it's a nice hold," Wood explains. "It's not too tight and it's not relaxed. Sometimes he's very relaxed and open like he doesn't want to really even touch her. So that's really nice."

"What you see here with her is she's doing a little bit of the cutesy with her look down and her shoulder placement but she also has both her hands and arms around him," Wood says of Jenner. "But she's not doing anything clingy. It's just that she's got her arms and hands around him."

Wood asses that the message Jenner is trying to send here is, "This is my man."

"Then she has her full body and all of her body windows — that starts with her feet, at her knees, at her pelvis, at her stomach, at her heart, at her neck, and her hands — all towards him," she continues. "All of those body windows are open towards him saying he's the most important thing. No matter what's going on with all of the paparazzi and this fabulous dress I'm wearing, he's the most important thing."

Wood also notes that she wishes Scott's facial expression reflected a little more comfort around his BAE in this photo but, unfortunately, she's not getting that from this image.

Scott tries to disguise his feelings towards Jenner.
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"She's just really into him," Wood assesses. "Even with the sunglasses on, she has that look and she has her arms towards him. I wish I could see her feet but, if you look at her lower body with the dress, there's some sort of angling towards him for the dress not to be straight up and down so that's how."

Another important thing she asks us to note about this image is that "their upper bodies are merged slightly which is nice."

Scott's body language in this image is also more promising than it was in the past. "Again, you're seeing his foot placement and, at least, this time he's looking down which means he's unable to contain himself fully to do the fake face, so he's looking down which, to me, indicates a little bit more tenderness and being in the moment," Wood says.

He's afraid of looking weak.
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"She, again, has her windows all towards him and he's doing a lean that's not relaxed. It's very stiff," Wood explains. "It's almost against his will that he's leaning towards her and doing what he's doing. I think all of this shows his desire to be seen as a man and some conflict about not wanting to look weak or gentle or emotional." Classic dudes not trying to look whipped by their girlfriends. C'mon, Scott, be better!

Jenner, on the other hand, has no trouble showing her affection. "She's just like 'I'm into you,'" says Wood. "He does have the hand, but you can even see he has his hand [on her waist] and she has her hand over it to say, 'Keep it there!' Don't let go.'"

The main takeaway here? While Scott may be totally in love with Jenner behind closed doors, he's not quite as comfortable showing that affection in front of the paparazzi. Maybe that's why they avoid public appearances.

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