9 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Basically Peter Kavinsky, You Lucky Minx

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If you've been anywhere on the internet in the last few days, you're probably already obsessed with To All The Boys I Loved Before's Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo). In the new Netflix movie, Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor) enters into a fake relationship with jock superstar Kavinsky when her little sister Kitty (Anna Cathcart) secretly sends out the love letters Lara Jean wrote to her crushes in an effort to push her out of her shell. So why do Lara Jean and Kavinsky fake date? One of the letters Kitty sent (and Lara Jean wrote) is for her older sister Margot's (Janel Parrish) ex-boyfriend, and Lara Jean's former best friend, Josh Sanderson (Israel Broussard). And Kavinsky gets something out of the deal, too: His ex-girlfriend and Lara Jean's high school nemesis Gen (Emilija Baranac) recently dumped him for a college boyfriend, and he wants to make her jealous.

Warning: There are spoilers ahead!

So, the two begin a fake relationship, but they spend more time together than what's outlined in the contract. The lines between what's real and fake begin to blur. Did he have to invite her over to his house for dinner with his family to make his ex jealous? Did the two have to snuggle at some point for that picture to be his phone background? By the end of the movie, even though they just "officially" get together and reveal their feelings, we've seen these two interact in a real, loving way that you can't just fake the whole time.

Kavinsky is clearly the ultimate boyfriend and it's only natural to want a guy like him in your life. But take a closer look at your actual boyfriend. If he exhibits any of the signs below, it's possible that he's closer to Kavinsky that you might have guessed,

He knows just what snack you love and surprises you with it.
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An absolutely adorable moment from To All The Boys I've Loved Before is when we find out that Kavinsky picked up Lara Jean's favorite Korean yogurt from across town for their ski trip bus ride. This moment showed he's willing to go out of his way to get something for Lara Jean that would make her smile. She didn't ask for the snack, and they clearly didn't even discuss ahead of time that they'd sit together, but he wanted to do it for her to make her happy. If you have that too, you're incredibly #blessed.

He makes sure you get home safely.

When Kavinsky and Lara Jean are at the school party together, he drinks alcohol-free kombucha to assure that he can drive Lara Jean home safely. You know your partner is loving and caring when they're forgoing on something they'd usually do (drink at a party, in Kavinsky's case) in order to look out for you. Swoon.

He finds new ways to tell you he loves you.

I don't know about you, but by the time in the movie where Lara Jean reads out Kavinsky's letters that Kitty saved and Lara Jean had not yet read, we learn officially that Kavinsky has had feelings for Lara Jean all along. He writes her love notes throughout their relationship, showing he listens to her, thinks she's pretty, and notices little things about her. Your BF sending you "good morning" texts or tagging you in memes can be his Kavinsky-esque way of showing he loves you.

He respects your boundaries.

In Kavinsky and Lara Jean's contract, she asserts that she wants to keep certain things off-limits, since she wants to save some "firsts" for a "real" relationship. For example, she includes she doesn't want to kiss Kavinsky. He respects her boundaries, and they find ways to show affection publicly that works for both of them. If your boyfriend is anything like Kavinsky, he doesn't do anything you aren't comfortable with, and meets you in the middle.

He makes an effort with your family.
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Kavinsky has movie nights with Lara Jean and Kitty, where he gets in some quality bonding time with both of them. He checks in with Lara Jean's dad (John Corbett) before going to the party with her, and also drives both Lara Jean and Kitty to school in the morning. He's making an effort to be part of Lara Jean's family, and that's exactly what a good boyfriend does.

He listens to you when you need to open up.

After dinner with Kavinsky's family, he and Lara Jean open up about their families and talk about topics they don't discuss with other people. They're able to open up and listen to one another in a way they don't with others. Your own boyfriend is there as a listening ear when you need someone to talk to, even if it's just something little to vent about, or something deeper and more serious.

He screams his love for you to the world.
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And not in, like, an insecure or show-y way, but in a genuine, wants-to-show-the-world-how-great-you-are kind of way. When Kavinsky posts photos of him and Lara Jean on Instagram, he doesn't give a care if it's "too soon" for them, or if his high school peers will think he's "too whipped" or whatever toxic masculine bullsh*t young men perpetuate. No, Kavinsky proudly boasts his relationship with Lara Jean on Instagram, and even on his iPhone background. That cute cuddling photo was real, OK, and Kavinsky wanted to look at it nonstop.

He stands up for you.
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After the video of Lara Jean and Kavinsky leaks of the two of them in the hot tub, Lara Jean is embarrassed because it looks like a sex tape. When people publicly humiliate her in front of her school locker, Kavinsky takes a stand and lets everyone know nothing happened between them that night, even though it's none of their business. Your boyfriend, like Kavinsky, defends you and doesn't let anyone embarrass you like that, either.

He's emotionally intelligent.
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From early on, it seems Kavinsky caught the feels for Lara Jean. Even though it takes some time for Lara Jean to know that he's actually on same page as her, Kavinsky is confident in his feelings, and is unafraid to show that to her. Your own boyfriend is secure in his feelings and emotions, and is unafraid to show them to you.

So until I find my very own Peter Kavinsky, at least I have Netflix to watch this gem of a human on repeat.

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