Tim Tebow Is Engaged To Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, & Their Proposal Was So Incredibly Cute

by Korey Lane
Steve Jennings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Well folks, engagement season truly is in full swing, isn't it? Not only are all the people you went to high school with posting ring selfies and coming up with wedding hashtags, but celebs are getting in on the action as well. The latest one to pop the question? A former NFL quarterback you may have heard of before. Tim Tebow is engaged to Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, and their engagement sounds like something straight out of a rom-com.

In true Tebow fashion, the current baseball player got down on one knee, but this time, it wasn't to pray. At his family's farm in Florida, Tebow asked his girlfriend, former Miss Universe 2017 Nel-Peters, to marry him, People reports. The South African native said yes, and the two shared in their bliss before being joined by Matthew Mole, a South African singer who serenaded the couple with one of their favorite tunes, "The Wedding Song."

In short, it was totally romantic, well thought out, and planned with precision. Nel-Peters reportedly didn't suspect a thing, and both she and Tebow have since taken to Instagram to share some professional pictures from the proposal, which was truly as magical as can be. What a way to start the year, am I right?

Speaking exclusively to People, Tebow explained that he was definitely feeling a little anxious about the logistics of popping the question, but not so much about the proposal itself. "I actually wasn’t really nervous," he told the magazine. "I was excited. I wanted everything to be perfect and to go smoothly. But I wasn’t nervous to actually ask her."

These two definitely seem to be made for each other, as Tebow also told People that he couldn't have asked for anyone better to do life with. "She’s just perfect for me," he said. "I'm really blessed to have her by my side for the rest of my life." Ugh, seriously, they're such a sweet couple, and Nel-Peters is also thrilled, telling People, "I'm so excited for the wedding, and I can’t wait to spend forever with Tim."

After Nel-Peters said yes and put that gorgeous 7.25-carat diamond ring on her finger, Tebow reportedly told her, "This ring is internally flawless. Just like you." The proposal was grand and romantic, but Tebow also admitted to having a cover in case Nel-Peters noticed any odd behavior on his end. He told People that he convinced his girlfriend that he was surprising his dad with a new truck in case she started wondering why he was so nervous.

Tebow confirmed his relationship with Nel-Peters in July 2018, telling ESPN, "She is a really special girl and I am very lucky and blessed for her coming into my life. I am usually very private with these things but I am very thankful." Clearly, the two are happy and in love, and considering the fact that Tebow also flew Nel-Peters' family in from South Africa to celebrate their engagement with them, it's no secret that the athlete is smitten with his lady.