A woman crafts a ring uses glue and pliers for a fun DIY at home.
TikTokers Are DIYing Resin Rings Using Molds & The Results Are Stunning

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The only thing more satisfying than simply adding a brand-new chunky ring to your collection might be making one yourself. That's why TikTokers are DIYing resin rings using molds to create some seriously creative jewelry. From chunky rings decked out with tiny frogs to rainbow-colored trinkets, these accessories are reaching a whole new level, and the results are stunning.

Chunky rings have surged in popularity among celebrities like Bella Hadid and Emma Chamberlain, so it makes perfect sense that so many TikTokers are making their own resin ring videos at the moment. In these videos, you can watch TikTokers mixing resin together before bringing their artistic vision to life by decorating each ring with unique decals that are placed into the mold by hand. One TikToker, for instance, places moss and baby's breath into their creations. Another adds mini fruit decals into each ring for a sweet statement piece. Those little details clearly pay off in the end, because once the rings pop out of their molds, the creations are jaw-dropping.

As you watch these bling-centric TikToks, you may be inspired to make rings of your own. To participate in this trend, you can grab resin ($29, Amazon) and a ring mold ($7, Etsy) to DIY the statement ring of your dreams. Just make sure to film your process, so you can show off your DIY resin ring on TikTok, too.

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These Rings Include Cute Miniature Frogs

If you love quirky and playful accessories, then this resin ring video is for you. TikToker @lilabutterflies places miniature frogs into each mold to create these totally inventive rings. The frog decals are carefully placed into the mold with tweezers to make sure each ring gets the perfect amount of the cute green creatures.

These Rings Have A Cottagecore Theme

TikToker @beeutifulresin uses baby's breath, moss, and gold leaves in their DIY resin ring video to create beautiful accessories that every cottagecore fan will love. As you watch this TikToker de-mold their rings, you'll be blown away by how each leaf and flower stands out through the resin.

These Rings Are Colorful And Chunky

These DIY resin rings come together so fast that you could blink and miss the whole video. TikToker @notlianalol creates chunky and colorful rings by mixing resin, pouring it into a mold, and heating it for five minutes. When you watch these rings pop out of their mold, you'll be amazed at how easy the process is.

This Resin Ring DIY Will Give You Butterflies

TikToker @jeweluhry DIYs resin rings decorated with tiny blue butterflies. This is the perfect resin ring TikTok to draw inspiration from since it also talks through each part of the ring-making process. It includes helpful tips on handling resin by wearing gloves and how to sand down your rings for a matte finish.

This Ring Has A Dual-Color Finish

Why stick to one color on your ring when you can have two? This TikToker @andrearadicic uses different shades of blue to make a marble design in their resin ring DIY. They mix one solution of resin with a dark blue dye and another with light blue. Then, they pour one layer of blue into the mold, layer it with the light blue mixture, and top the whole thing off with clear resin. The result is breath-taking.

These Rings Are Full Of Fruits

Sweet and colorful designs are a must when it comes to resin rings and @aurorajewellery._ certainly knows it. This TikToker's resin ring video uses different colored dyes in their resin mixtures and mini fruit decals to create fruit-inspired rings. From orange-to kiwi-decorated accessories, these rings are a total treat.

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