A smiling woman crafts a necklace using string, beads, and charms.
These DIY Pearl Necklaces On TikTok Are So Trendy, You'll Want To Make Them All

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Every now and then, you put together a great outfit, only to find that something's missing. The answer always seems to lie in accessories, but it's difficult deciding which to choose. Luckily, TikTok can help you out in that department. By following any of these DIY pearl necklaces on TikTok, you can craft yourself some adorable jewelry and make your next #OOTD a real gem on the 'gram.

You may have already spotted pearl necklaces making a splash on your For You page or seen your fave influencers rocking them. Thanks to these DIY pearl necklaces on TikTok, you can easily hop on this stylish trend, too. To recreate any of these necklaces, simply gather some charms from an old bracelet, cord ($4, Amazon), a clasp ($2, Etsy), jump ring ($5, ImpressArt), and, of course, pearls ($5, Michaels). Some TikTokers create a regal look by adding baby angel charms or using freshwater pearls. Other TikTokers opt for gold accents. Whichever design you choose, it'll certainly make waves on your feed.

Not only are these pearl necklace DIYs easy to recreate, but they’re also easy to style. You can wear your pearls with a white tee to elevate your casual look. Or, rock your opulent necklace with a corset top and go full #regencycore. With your new accessory, every 'fit you put together will be so charming.

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This Tutorial Is Full Of Angelic Vibes

If you love all things luxurious, add this pearl necklace to your craft list. TikToker @joshoocruz shared this necklace tutorial, in which white pearls and a baby angel charm ($5, Etsy) are used to create a beautiful necklace.

This Tutorial Works With Gold Accents

If you're interested in adding a bit of bling to your outfit, why not recreate this gold and white pearl necklace? This necklace has elegant details. Rather than using clear nylon string, this tutorial calls for a thick gold wire ($3, Amazon) so that when the string peeks through the pearls, the gold shows through.

This Tutorial Creates A Fresh AF Necklace

TikToker @somejewelrystuff uses freshwater pearls ($4, Etsy) to create this glittering necklace. You can even use natural silk string as this TikToker does to create a shimmery look.

This Tutorial Uses A Pearl Straight From An Oyster

You'll definitely sea some love on your feed after showing off your pearl necklace inspired by TikToker @marcelinedavampirequeen. This TikTok tutorial uses a Love Wish Pearl Kit ($6, Etsy) to create an incredibly dainty necklace.

You'll be transported right to the ocean as you open up your kit to find an oyster, hiding your very own pearl. Then, you can construct your necklace by cleaning off the pearl and placing it inside the gem of your choice.

This Tutorial Shows A Nifty Repurposing Hack

Sometimes, you're just not ready to let go of a necklace you don't wear anymore. You can repurpose it by following this DIY necklace hack by TikToker @aria..siddique. Use the pearls, beads, and charms in your old necklace to create something brand new. With this trick, you'll never run out of accessories.

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