A young woman bleach tie-dyes clothes in her living room.
TikTokers Are Making Bleach Tie-Dye Jeans & It's Such A Vibe

Kemal Yildirim/E+/Getty Images

Instead of buying new clothes in 2021, you may be swiping on TikTok to see how you can re-design the items you already have in your closet. The app is pretty crafty and never seems to have a shortage of DIY projects you can try at home. These bleach tie-dye jean tutorials on TikTok should definitely be the next craft adventure you embark on, because it's always fun to switch up your look.

You may have tried tie-dying a sweatshirt or pair of sweatpants when the trend made its epic comeback the beginning of quarantine, and likely shopped popular brands that were selling cute tie-dye tees and shorts. In the world of TikTok, Charli D'Amelio sported joggers with mesmerizing swirls, while other users posted videos of their own colorful sets — some homemade and some store-bought. Tutorials on different tie-dye patterns you can create with minimal materials or even wine overflowed your feed, and how to use bleach to recreate lighter designs on a darker fabric.

Enter, bleach tie-dye jean tutorials on TikTok. They're everywhere, and maybe even a sign to ditch sweatpants and bring denim into your WFH looks. In fact, Anthropologie and Princess Polly carry bleach tie-dye jeans that are so cool and reminiscent of the '60s. It's a total #mood.

If you want to craft your own pair, simply watch these five videos that break down the various steps, and even give you inspo for fun ideas that'll level up your look.

This Video Breaks Down The Basics

Tie-dying a pair of jeans may feel complicated at first. But, this TikToker breaks it down step by step. This video starts by showing an over-under folding technique and bleach. Then, after tie-dying a pair of jeans to look while and blue, a bit of color's added. No matter where your tie-dye journey takes you, the video will act as a helpful guide.

This Video Dyes Just One Pant Leg With Bleach

Whether you're a newbie to bleach tie-dye or just want to rock that half-and-half style of jeans, watch this video. It shows you exactly how to tie-dye just one pant leg. Start by wrapping up the leg in elastic bands, and then spraying it with bleach in the bathtub. Cut off the elastics, rinse the jeans, and put them in a washing machine before you wear them to a Zoom meeting.

This Video Uses The Sponge Technique

There are several ways to create a tie-dye design on a pair of pants. This TikToker uses the sponge technique, where you dip a sponge in bleach and then press it to a pair of jeans. The jeans they chose to dye are also black, so you can see how this wash reacts to bleach and will look when completed.

This Video Tries Out A Smiley Face Design

If you've bleach-dyed a few pairs of jeans, you may be looking for some fresh #inspo. Watch this video, where a TikToker uses a paintbrush to apply bleach in the shape of a smiley face, and then tie-dyes a pair of black jeans. When you're at home creating your own pair of tie-dye jeans, you can combine these two ideas or try them separately.

This Video Is The Ultimate Craft Project

Are you ready for a crafting project that's a little tricky? Try making the jeans in this TikTok video that are striped and tie-dyed. Cut out the stripes of the jeans, then apply bleach to a handful of them. Wash those stripes before you then tie-dye them with colored dye and piece the pants back together.