Tiffany & Melania Trump Are Matching At The State Of The Union, Because Why Not

by Lilli Petersen
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No matter what you think of the family's politics, it cannot be denied that the Trump women are fashionistas. Even besides the fact that literally all three of them have at least some experience modeling, they always turn out to public events dressed to the nines. So with the State of the Union approaching and confirmation that all the Trumps would be attending, I don't blame you if you were wondering what they would be wearing. And they didn't disappoint. Tiffany Trump's State of the Union dress is very fitting for the occasion and actually goes very well with her stepmother Melania Trump's pantsuit.

It's always interesting to see what Tiffany Trump wears to these public events, partly because she seems to be at them so rarely. The youngest Trump daughter is occupying her time by attending law school at nearby Georgetown University, where if I know anything about attending college, I'm sure she spends 90 percent of her time in sweatshirts and leggings. So I'm guessing that every now and then she enjoys the opportunity to spruce up a bit and dust off that formalwear.

And this time, Tiffany Trump went with a very subdued outfit. Her dress for the 2018 State of the Union is a simple white dress with a folded collar and black belt.

It fits in very well with the look Melania Trump chose: a bright white pantsuit with a collared shirt underneath.

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Ivanka Trump, however, didn't get the memo to wear white. She instead went with a bold plaid dress.

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Fashion was a notable point of the evening at this year's State of the Union. In the days and weeks before the speech, many Democratic women announced that they would be wearing black to the State of the Union, in a demonstration of solidarity with survivors of sexual assault and harassment and as a follow-up to the similar protest at the Golden Globes earlier in January. In a Jan. 10 tweet, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) called on her colleagues to wear black, citing the "Time's Up" movement against harassment and assault.

Unfortunately, Trump's outfit didn't seem to have quite that much political cachet. Though Tiffany Trump doesn't have quite the political presence of her older sister Ivanka — who currently serves as an adviser to her father the president — or her stepmother Melania — who is, you know, first lady — the younger Trump daughter is still seen around Washington D.C. for major social events. Most recently, she showed up at the White House's official Christmas party, where she shared an official photo of herself with big sis, Ivanka.

And a few weeks earlier, she also made an appearance at the White House turkey pardoning where she apparently had a hilarious run in with Drumstick the turkey, who, pardon or not, didn't seem too overly enthusiastic about humans.

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It wasn't guaranteed Trump would appear for the State of the Union, though.

While she's made appearances at social events, Trump is still, after all, a law student and as such, probably doesn't have too much spare time (from what I've heard it's pretty demanding). So I, at least, was wondering if she'd even be able to make the big event.

However, on Jan. 29, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that Trump, along with older siblings Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric, would all be attending the State of the Union address the following night. (Barron, the youngest sibling at just 11 years old, would not.) Sanders said that "all of the president’s children, along with the first lady, will be at the State of the Union, with the exclusion of Barron."

So beyond being one of the biggest nights in American politics, it's also a family reunion of sorts. Both excellent reasons to ditch the school hoodie and get dressed up for a night, if you ask me.