Meghan Markle’s Dad Had A Surprising Reaction To Not Being At Archie’s Christening

Dominic Lipinski - WPA Pool/Getty Images/YouTube

Little Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor had his first big family event this weekend: his christening. The little guy, who was born on May 6, was in good company with his parents, grandparents Doria Ragland, Prince Charles, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, but one grandparent who wasn't present was Thomas Markle. Unsurprisingly, Meghan Markle's father wasn't invited to the special event on Sunday, July 7. But Thomas Markle's reaction to not attending Archie's christening is actually surprising (or unsurprising depending on how you look at it).

According to the Sussex Royal Instagram account, Archie was christened in the Private Chapel at Windsor Castle. Archie, Meghan, and Harry live on the Frogmore Estate in Windsor, and Windsor is also where Meghan and Harry were married in May 2018, so the location of the event was convenient and memorable for the royal family.

The Duke and Duchess's Instagram account (which I am convinced is run by Meghan herself) added a new set of photos from the christening. The first showed Meghan holding Archie in her lap, Prince Harry by their side, and the three of them surrounded by Prince Charles, Camilla, Ragland, Prince William and Kate Middleton, as well as Princess Diana's sisters, Lady Jane Fellowes and Lady Sarah McCorquodal. The Queen couldn't attend the christening because of previously scheduled royal engagements, according to Entertainment Tonight. Prince Philip wasn't in attendance either.

Speaking with Mail on Sunday, Thomas Markle said he "would have enjoyed" seeing his grandson be christened.

"I have been asked if I would have liked to have gone to Britain to see my new grandson being christened," he said to the outlet. "I was an altar boy at age 12, a confirmed member of the Queen's church at age 14, and Archie is my new grandson, of course I would have enjoyed being there for the blessing, wishing Archie and his parents' health and happiness."

As far as Thomas Markle's interviews go, this is one of the more civil answers he's given regarding his situation with the royal family, which is somewhat surprising. Then again, he still can't seem to grasp the simple idea that a father who does not talk to the press is what Meghan needs. So, the interview is unsurprising in that sense.

I think fans of the royal family can assume that whatever goes down in Meghan (and now, Archie's) life, Thomas Markle hopes he will be part of it. That's what he and Samantha Markle have been gunning for for so long, but it doesn't seem like Meghan will be interested in reconciliation. It's her prerogative whether or not she wants her father in her and her son's life. If I were in her position dealing with how much he and Samantha Markle speak to the press, I would pull back, too. Maybe if her father's side of the family stopped giving interviews and writing books, she would be interested in reconnecting. But as of right now, I don't blame her for staying distant.

Let's turn our focus back to that cute as heck christening Instagram, shall we? Little Archie wore a replica of his father's christening gown. The gown was also worn by all of his cousins (all the rest of the Queen's grandchildren) at their christenings. The original gown was commissioned by Queen Victoria for her daughter, Victoria, in 1841, and was retired in 2004. Queen Elizabeth had a replica made soon after.

So, as always, this royal event had a touch of history to it. And that black-and-white photo of Meghan gazing at Harry while Harry gazes at Archie? Don't even get me started.