The Coolest Job Ever Will Pay You To Travel & Take Pics For A Year

In your wildest fantasies, you may travel to the dreamiest places around the world and get paid for swimming in waterfalls, climbing mountains, and living your most adventurous life. If only that fantasy was an IRL thing, huh? Well, it can be. The Yacht Week's Best Job Ever will pay you to travel and take pics for a year.

That's right. For 365 days, this company will take you around the globe to have new experiences, make new friends, and document it all. It'll pay for you to dip your feet in the saltwater off the coast of Croatia, and dive headfirst into the rich culture of Greece. Essentially, you'll earn money for doing what you're most passionate about, collecting stories to tell, and checking items off your always-growing bucket list. What more could you ask for?

The whole trip will make you want to say "I have the best job ever" on the reg, and it may inspire you to step outside your comfort zone when it comes to your creativity. Do you think you have what it takes to apply and land this job? Let me give you little more info before you hit the "submit" button and potentially set sail.

First things first: You need to know what to expect during this year-long adventure with your camera. It's probably not like any palm tree-infused vacation or international trip you've been on before. It requires riding a yacht from one destination to the next and sharing your journey as it unfolds.

According to the listing, in order to apply for this amazing job, you need to be over 21 and have a valid passport. You should love interacting and socializing with people, and have a passionate spirit for adventure. In addition, you need to be handy with a camera. The full job description on The Yacht Week's website doesn't say you're required to know the best editing programs or be well-versed in Instagram filters. But I'd say those are probably worth knowing as well.

If you can check off all of those boxes (and get accepted, of course), you'll be considered one of two chief content creators who are in charge of traveling the globe with The Yacht Week and The Ski Week. You'll head to places such as Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Aspen, the British Virgin Islands, Canada, and Austria. You'll be tasked with jumping into the excursions and exciting moments to come, and capturing it all for the rest of the world to swoon over.

The Yacht Week

When you're in a particularly tropical and warm place, you may check out sunken ships under the water. According to the 2020 itineraries listed on The Yacht Week's website, you may also explore hidden coves, try cuisine you've never had before, and fall in love with the way the teal waves glisten in the peak of golden hour.

Beautiful #views will be part of your lengthy and extensive itinerary. You won't mind signing up for sailing classes and staying up until midnight with your travel buds, because you'll be living your dream.

In contrast, when you're in a rather snowy place, you'll be all bundled up and will embrace a different kind of terrain. You'll wake up, hit the slopes, and be so ready to take your photography skills to the next level.

The Yacht Week

It'll be hard to head home after the year is up. For now, though, focus on how you can land this dream job and become part of The Yacht Week and The Ski Week team. It won't only reward you with irreplaceable memories and a rad camera roll — it'll treat you to a salary of £15,000 (which is around $18,441 USD at the time of publication), an optional scholarship so you can learn more about content production, exclusive access to Jacob Riglin’s "The Photography Masterclass," and one-on-one mentorship from a top industry professional. (Oh, and all of your travel expenses will be covered while you're on-the-go.)

To apply, head to The Yacht Week's website and review the details in the job listing. Read about the hiring committee, where you'll be going in 2020, and what a year working The Best Job Ever looks like. Then, fill out the application.

Applications are open from Sept. 26 to Nov. 1, 2019. So, you have some time to curate your best work into a portfolio. Don't wait too long, OK? The review process will begin right after applications close and run until Jan. 31, 2020. During the review process, applicants who are being highly considered will be asked to do a series of task-based assignments related to their skills and focus — either photography or videography.

From there, the hiring committee will make their decision. Good luck, my fellow travel lovers, and bon voyage.