This Winter Sex Playlist Will Truly Put You In The Holiday Spirit

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Forget baking cookies, making snow angels, and watching your favorite holiday movies. Sex is the best wintertime activity, period. There's nothing like a juicy hookup session to heat up your life. If you want some music to help your NSFW winter celebrations along, look no further for the perfect winter sex playlist. The following songs are sensual and moody, and create the perfect ambience for getting freaky this season.

In spring or summer, you may have wanted loud beats and soaring vocals for your bedroom playlist. But since hot breezes and their frisky feeling have been replaced by chilly weather and 5 p.m. sunsets, match this wintry mood with some relaxed, pensive, but still sexy music.

The following songs are languid, but not so calm and slow that you and your partner will fall asleep. These bops are passionate and heady like hot chocolate. All you need to set the mood with your cuffing season champion, you'll find 70s-inspired funk about falling in love, sleepy hip-hop about FaceTiming your boo, and dark, dramatic R&B about toe-curling d*ck appointments. Below, 14 songs you'll be glad to hear as you strip off your partner's puffer jacket and make love by the fireplace.

"Hey Boy" by Omar Apollo (ft. Kali Uchis)

Omar Apollo always delivers flirty, vintage-inspired rock. This Kali Uchis collab that's literally about sex dreams is no exception.

"FaceTime (Remix)" by Ari Lennox ft. Durand Bernarr

Stream the "FaceTime" remix if you'd like to give your partner all your love, as Ari Lennox sings.

"Wandering Romance" by Jorja Smith

A song about yearning that's like an uncontrollable fire? "Wandering Romance" by Jorja Smith was written for wintertime sex.

"A Message" by Kelela

"A Message" is kind of melancholy, but Kelela's warm vocals cut through the cold.

"Call Out My Name" by The Weeknd

Is it even a sex playlist without The Weeknd? Of course the "King Of The Fall" makes excellent end-of-the-year banging music.

"On The Way" by Jhené Aiko (ft. Mila J)

Fun fact: The actual title of this song is "P*$$y Fairy (OTW)", which tells you everything you need to know.

"DYING 4 YOUR LOVE" by Snoh Aalegra

Put on this grind-worthy track by Snoh Aalegra if you're dying for your partner's touch.

"Pretty Girl hi!" by UMI

UMI's dreamy, synthy bop, "Pretty Girl hi!" sounds absolutely orgasmic.

"Banger" by 11:11

When 11:11 croons, "Got you climbin' up the bed like it's Billboard / And every time you give me head / I hit record, yeah, yeah / You can feel the bass in your feet tonight," it's hard to not feel turned on.

"nasty" by Ariana Grande

"positions" and "34 + 35" are obvious Ariana Grande choices. But why not listen to "nasty" as you're getting nasty, too?

"Lovers Anonymous" by Dom Kennedy ft. Don Toliver

Don't let the hardcore rap sound fool you: "Lovers Anonymous" is about soft touches, nostalgia, and praying for love.

"Hit Different" by SZA ft. Ty Dolla $ign

SZA creates music that makes you feel wistful and like you want to twerk. But not too much: "Hit Different" sounds almost hypnotic, and is ideal for background noise.

"Ew" by Joji

Joji is another artist who strikes the right balance between gloomy and sexy. "Your Man" and "Run" are also great, larger-than-life sex playlist songs.

"La Luz" by Kali Uchis & Jhay Cortez

Uchis oozes sex appeal in her music, so take your pick when curating your bedroom bops. Her song with Jhay Cortez will probably make you do things that'll instantly thaw out the frost.

The next time you're in a lewd mood this season, rip off your winter boots and shimmy out of your snow pants to these sensual sounds. Bookmark this for later, or listen to these winter sex songs on Spotify.