These 3 Signs Are About To Have The Worst Year Ever, But Here's How To Deal

by Rosey Baker
Stocksy/ Kristin Curette Hines

Well, 2018 has already gotten off to a really raucous start, with bomb threats getting fired off by both the president and the National Weather Service. It certainly already has the feeling of 2017-plus, doesn't it? It might not be a new year for Trump, but it's a new year for us. Unless of course, you're one of the following three zodiac signs. 2018 will be a tough year for three zodiac signs in particular, but that actually isn't a bad thing because in astrology, a challenging year brings you a lot of payoff in the same ways that your life does. Think back to a challenge you went through that you hated at the time, but that afterward, you wouldn't have changed. The reason you wouldn't have changed it is because those efforts paid off, and the lessons you learned proved to be invaluable in catapulting you to the next phase of your growth.

Sure, it might sound challenging, but guess what? You can handle it. I think. I mean I've never met you personally, but I'm trying to be motivational here, and there's a snow hurricane outside my window right now. I'm trying to fight off negativity in my own life.


Gemini, this year could be a tough one for you because as Saturn has moved into Capricorn, you might notice some issues coming up that tie in thematically to your eighth house of money, sex, death, debts, and intimacy. You will be asking yourself why and how you can get better at sharing with others, at merging your resources, at letting people into your life. The eighth house themes are no fun because they're tied to our deepest fears.

You will be called to do some deep soul searching this year, to face exactly why and where you run from you problems with others instead of facing them. You may find yourself caught up in lies being told to you by others as well, and although you might be craving intimacy in your life, you could come up against the question of how ready you truly are. Perhaps you attract partners who are emotionally unavailable because deep down, you are too. The harder you take an unflinching look at your own faults, with the help of a therapist, through journaling, or by meditating, the more use you will be able to make of this transit and the awareness you gain about yourself.


As Saturn moves into your seventh house of partnerships, your commitments will be tested this year, Cancer. The amount of responsibility you place on others for your own well-being will prove to be unreasonable if you've been depending on them to make you happy. Issues of codependency may arise, and the reason for that is so you can be made aware of them in order to heal yourself from this damaging way of thinking.

No matter how disappointed you might be in another person, you'll begin to see that everyone is responsible for their own feelings. People will let you down sometimes. They are human. It is not a reflection of how they feel about you, or how important you are to them. But if you feel you deserve more, it's up to you to stop asking someone who cannot give you more. It's up to you to detach yourself from others and to learn to love yourself first, so that loving someone else becomes possible for you.


You're known as a particularly lucky sign, Sagittarius, and that's in part because you're ruled by Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion. But this year, Saturn in Capricorn will be forcing you to tighten your belt and count your money in ways you aren't really used to doing, and it's bound to be a drag for you because I know how much you hate to slow down.

This is a time when you need to take a more responsible and more realistic approach to the money you earn and how you spend it. You might find that it's harder for you to make that money, or you may find that the moment you make it, it goes right out the window. Whatever the reason, you have this year to slow down and take stock of what you need and what you don't, ridding yourself of anything frivolous. In doing so, you will have truly begun to see what's possessions are most important to you by the end of 2018.