These 3 Zodiac Signs Are About To Have Their Best Year Ever, Here's Why

by Rosey Baker
Stocksy/ Amy Covington

Is it too late to continue wishing every Uber driver, deli worker, receptionist and friend a "Happy New Year" when you see them? I usually keep this greeting going for as long as I can, although 2018 will be a lucky year for these zodiac signs, so wishing them a happy 2018 may not be necessary. I think of astrology (ultimately) as a non-predictive art, but it is also a map of potential energy, and if you take advantage of its timing, your belief in that energy can empower your intentions, increasing the likelihood of your success.

That said, there are a few zodiac signs whose potential for a good year is significantly higher than others, for different reasons. I'll get into that in a minute. If your sign isn't included on this list, it doesn't mean for any reason that you're doomed to have a terrible 2018 (unless you have other plans). There's enough fear being peddled out by the media, and I'd like to avoid contributing to the extremes. But I'd also like to encourage you, my readers, to selectively choose the beliefs you want to adopt. Because ultimately, your life is up to you.


This year promises to completely transform your life Aries, if you're up for the challenge that poses. Transformation always sounds great, but don't assume you won't be called to lift a finger. Changes can't take place without your participation.

With Jupiter moving through Scorpio in your house of emotional transformation, you will be called this year to take the time to inspect the skeletons in your closet — the parts of your own past that you'd rather not shine a light on. However, if you've been doing the necessary work already, you've most likely already begun to see the results. As you move toward self-actualization, you'll begin to attract those who are equally up to the task, and find that your next test will be facing intimacy with the same fearlessness you've had in facing yourself.


This year promises you sweet relief from the unexpected relationship upsets you've been going through, Libra, and allows you (if you're up to the task) to finally great some stability within yourself by becoming your own parent. Uranus, the planet of sudden change, is moving into your eighth house of sex, death and transformation, encouraging you to dig deep, psychologically.

If you step up to the plate, then by the end of this transit you will have become your own partner, no longer feeling the need to ask of others what you can willingly provide for yourself. Only then will you be able to attract someone with the proper understanding of good boundaries to make a healthy relationship possible.


Jupiter has been transiting your first house of new beginnings, also referred to as the house of self. The first house governs your individual approach to life, and having Jupiter in this house expands that approach. This might also apply to your outer body or your physical appearance.

Some of the limitations you once thought you were under will be exposed as illusions, as this transit could make your efforts toward personal expansion easier than you ever expected. In other ways, you'll find that pushing your own personal boundaries will mystify you, leaving you without any clues as to how to move forward. But if you are patient, by the end of this transit (November 2018) you will find that just by committing to personal growth, you will live your way into all the answers you need and astound yourself with what you can accomplish.