Someone Got Everyone's Hopes Up With This Tweet About The Snapchat Update

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As most of us in the world of smartphones and social media are probably aware of at this point, Snapchat recently updated the format of their app... and let's just say there have been some extremely mixed feelings about it. Some users have threatened to delete the app entirely, while others are doing what many of us do best, by taking to social media and complaining about it. And, if like many other users, you are so not about the app's latest update, this viral tweet about retweets for the old Snapchat probably got your hopes up.

On Feb. 9, Twitter user @isaacsvobodny tweeted a screenshot of a private conversation he supposedly had with Snapchat via Twitter. Based on @Snapchat's answer, it's assumed that @issacsvobodny was expressing what many fellow Snapchat users are feeling about the update, hoping to get the old version back. Upon sliding into Snapchat's DMs, @issacsvobodny got an answer that many would have never expected — whether the response was real or not. Based off the answer shown in the tweet, Snapchat recognized that many users are upset, and that the new version could take time to get used to. Then, they proceeded to agree that if a screenshot of the conversation got 50,000 retweets, they would bring the old version back. It's not clear whether this conversation is real or not, but it got everyone really hyped.

Twitter user @issacsvobodny wrote this (now) viral tweet, originally hoping to get at least 50,000 retweets. However, as of Feb. 15, he has gotten almost 1.5 million tweets. That's almost 30 times the amount of retweets expected, and many of these worried Snapchat users are praying to the social media gods and goddesses that it will actually make a difference in their Snapchatting lives. Nobody is entirely sure if this tweet is merely #fakenews, but alas, Snapchat fans are hoping for the best. And although the hopeful Twitter user already surpassed his initial goal, I'd recommend definitely making a point to retweet it if you're not loving the new version of Snapchat. Who knows what could happen.

If you're truly feeling some kind of way after Snapchat sneakily rolled out their chaotic new update, you're not alone. And if you felt like their Valentine's Day Snap — which was sent just a couple of days after the update — added insult to injury, Twitter is totally with you. On Valentine's Day, so many people tweeted about Team Snapchat's Valentine Snap after the update, as if it came after a breakup... and I was totally feeling the pain and betrayal as well. Does Snapchat really think they can just sneak around like that? Give us a wildly new and unexpected update, and then just send us a Valentine and act like nothing ever even happened? Twitter is totally not over it, and I am personally still coping with all of the changes and the heartbreak. Apparently, everyone on Twitter felt the same exact way.

I'm not entirely sure if retweeting that single tweet will actually convince Snapchat to change their app back to the old version, or even if the DM convo ever really happened. Regardless, if you're not a fan of the new format, you should probably just retweet it anyway. By doing so, you'll prevent people like my dear mother from deleting the app, as she threatened to do so in a state of technologically-confused fury. Nonetheless, all of us are enduring the pain together. Based off what Snapchat said (if the conversation was real), they totally have faith in their users to get used to it, eventually.

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