Woman baking brownies from TikTok
The Special Ingredient In This TikTok Brownie Recipe Makes It Perfect For Easter

A new brownie trend recently dropped online and it might just make you swap out your traditional recipe. This viral TikTok brownie recipe includes creme eggs for an Easter-inspired dessert with extra creamy bursts of chocolate in every bite. The added yolk-esque colors from inside of the creme eggs give the brownies a mesmerizing visual twist you can't help but want to sink your teeth into.

Watching this brownie getting whipped up in any TikTok video will make you instantly want to hop on this yummy trend. The best part: It's actually so easy. Simply add some creme eggs (liquid fondant dyed with food coloring to look like egg yolk) cut in half and a mix of dark and milk chocolate to your batter.

Once you get a taste for these eggy brownies, you'll be tempted to continue playing around with the recipe and adding other fun additions to your batter. Take a page from one TikToker and add some Easter egg chocolates or mini chocolate bunnies. Spoiler alert: The brownies come out with a crisp crust and a #thicc layer of fudge.

After you play around with your sweet treat, don't forget to show it off online. You may even hatch your own viral TikTok brownie recipe featuring your own hidden treasures inside.

This Brownie Recipe Breaks Down All The Steps

It's always a good idea to start with the classics. In this case, that's @dishesbydaisy's viral brownie recipe. These brownies get extra chocolatey from melting dark chocolate and butter together — and that's just the first addition of chocolate. This TikToker also combines the mixture with flour, cocoa powder, and milk chocolate. For the final chocolatey addition, they spread the batter onto a sheet pan and place the halved creme eggs in two rows on top. When these Easter-inspired treats come out of the oven, they'll be eggs-tra creamy to eat.

This Brownie Recipe Is Full Of Mini Easter Eggs

If your motto is, "There's no such as thing as too much chocolate," then this TikTok brownie recipe is perfect for you. On top of adding your creme eggs to your batter, cut up some mini chocolate Easter eggs, too. Sprinkle them around your batter before baking so your brownies have an added layer of chocolate and crunch.

This Brownie Recipe Adds A Drizzle Of White Chocolate

To really decorate the tops of your brownies, why not add a drizzle of sweet white chocolate? @emmabrimelow switches up the classic recipe by adding mini creme eggs to their brownie batter before and after it goes into the oven. As the final touch, they drizzle melted white chocolate to their brownie recipe.

This Recipe Places Creme Eggs On A Blondie

If you prefer vanilla over chocolate, you can still participate in the viral TikTok brownie trend by following this blondie recipe. To recreate these Easter egg blondies, you'll need eggs, vanilla extract, flour, sugar, brown sugar, salt, and melted butter. Once your mixture is combined and ready for the pan, you can top your batter with creme eggs, mini chocolate eggs, and chocolate chips for a fun and festive blondie.

This TikToker Makes Their Creme Eggs Extra Gooey

TikToker @chocoholic_bakes makes their creme egg brownies ultra gooey by double baking the brownies. In the first bake, the batter goes in the oven without creme eggs. After they are taken out for the second bake, they're prepared with the halved creme eggs on top so that the fondant filling can ooze out of the eggs as they heat up. These creme egg brownies will be melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

This Recipes Includes Little Chocolate Bunnies

Whether you're looking for an Easter-themed dessert or just a cute AF treat, this brownie recipe has your name written all over it. This recipe adds extra Easter treats like chocolate bunnies to really make for an eggs-quisite recipe.