You Can Try 6 Different Types Of Rosé In This Vinebox For An At-Home Tasting

Courtesy Of Vinebox

Like many wine-drinking millennials, I'm a total sucker for rosé. As much as I love and appreciate other types of wine, you can never go wrong buying a bottle of pink. And if you're in the same boat as I am, I have some fantastic news — with rosé season just around the corner, Vinebox has put together a super special box that's filled with a wide variety of refreshing pink wine samples. Seriously, if you don't already have this Vinebox 2019 Rosé edition in your online shopping cart, fix that. It's going to come in clutch this season.

Popular wine subscription service Vinebox has just released info about a special rosé box summer lovers and pink wine enthusiasts have been waiting for: the Vinebox 2019 Rosé edition. According to the brand, each sleek box comes with a total of six 3.3-ounce tubes. And if you consider yourself to be a rosé aficionado, you're in luck — each is filled to the brim with a variety of exclusive rosés.

Since everyone likes a little variety in their lives, Vinebox manages to cater to any and all palettes by offering an extensive range of wines. According to the brand, some of the rosé is oak aged, others are light and fruity, a few are rich and deep, and one is even a cross between a red wine and a rosé. Each pour comes from a different European country — from Spain, to the Italian Alps, to France's very own Provençe, and even the tundras of Savoie — and each sip combines more than 10 types of grapes. In all honesty, it sounds pretty unique, if you ask me.

Courtesy Of Vinebox

While the wine is most likely incredible, I think my favorite part about these boxes is the fact that they come in little tubes. They're portable, sleek, and for real — how cute are they? Overall, it really is the perfect gift.

Courtesy Of Vinebox

The aesthetic is seriously on-point.

Anyway, if this sounds up your alley in the slightest, you're in luck — you can preorder a box for yourself right now, as we speak. That's right — according to the brand, the Vinebox 2019 Rosé edition is currently available for pre-order, and will ship as of April 22. So, it sounds like you'll get your hands on this in about a month. For Vinebox members and non-members alike, the entire box will total out to $49. And that really isn't too shabby for six different wines, if you ask me.

There's a slight chance you're already familiar with Vinebox — last December during the holiday season, the subscription service was actually selling advent calendars filled with its signature tubes of wine. Also, the brand did a 2018 version of its rosé wine box that was seriously to die for. Either way, there's no doubt in my mind you'll have to try the 2019 Rosé Edition Vinebox this summer — it sounds like the perfect addition to any and all warm weather shenanigans.