Stormi Tried To Shoot A Basketball & Failed, But It Was A Slam Dunk In My Heart

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All this time, I thought Stormi Webster had a future in fashion, but the tiny tot could potentially have a career in sports. Like, if you watch this video of Stormi trying to shoot a basketball, you'll know why. She adorably fails, but her form is on point.

On Oct. 28, Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to show off another one of her baby's (developing) talents. In the video captioned "reach for the stars baby," 20-month-old Stormi Webster carried a basketball that is just about the same size as her to a hoop. In a white hoodie and a black coat, she attempted to make a basket by jumping and throwing the ball. She missed (by a lot), but managed to get some serious air for her small stature. I'm impressed.

Also, I'm going to need y'all to run that back and check out her form. Stormi's got some technique. She placed one foot in front of the other before bending her knees and aiming for the hoop. Stormi may have missed the shot, but in the words of her grandma Kris Jenner, "You're doing great, sweetie." Plus, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take, right? Stormi is an inspiration and you can tell by the comments left under the video, Jenner's friends and family agree.

"I'm watching this everyday," wrote the Kardashian's hairstylist Jen Atkin.

"Kylie, this just made my heart smile," wrote Kendall Jenner.

"The jump step in the paint ..... I'm proud of just that... she is the Best!" wrote Kris Jenner's boyfriend Corey Gamble.

Stormi never ceases to amaze me, like this past weekend when she dressed up as her mother for Halloween. And, she didn't select just any old ensemble, she went for her mother's custom 2019 Met Gala lewk. OK, but really, Jenner dressed Stormi up in her custom 2019 Met Gala 2019 outfit, and she looked perfect. Jenner could barely contain herself for it.

On Oct. 27, the makeup mogul shared a few sweet snaps of Stormi in her impressive Halloween costume. "My baby!! I cant handle this!!" Jenner wrote next to purple hearts. Neither could Jenner's friends and family who wrote comments like "she won" and "Kylie I can’t deal with this she's your twin."

Stormi's bite-size dress is nearly identical to her mother's purple Versace gown worn in May 2019. According to People, Jenner came up with the idea for the costume and then approached Alejandro Collection to recreate it for her mini-me.

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“Kylie and her stylist Jill thought it would be adorably iconic to have her baby as a mini version of herself in such an epic look that garnered so much attention at the Met Ball,” the label’s designer Alejandro Peraza told People.

Like Jenner's dress, the tiny gown was custom-designed to fit on Stormi’s body. “It took sixteen hours straight to do the beading on the super-small baby size and three full fourteen hour days to apply the feathers by hand,” Peraza said. “And a whole day to design and add crystals to the baby clutch. Some of the feathers were shipped to me, others we hand-dyed as well to make a perfect feathered confection.”

Wow, that is a long time and a whole lot of work, but it was worth it. Stormi worked the ensemble and shut it down on Halloweekend. Honestly, what can't this baby do?