North & Saint West Singing "Nothing Compares 2U" With A Choir Is Adorable

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Sunday Services are a hit among celebrities and their families. Some of California's most famous families attend the spiritual event the West family hosts every Sunday, and the kids of the various families have ended up joining the gospel choir. The Sunday Services are such a staple now that fans of the Kardashians can expect to see videos from the services on their Instagram stories almost every Sunday. Following the most recent Sunday Service on May 26, fans were treated to a video of North and Saint West singing "Nothing Compares 2U," and it's such a sweet video.

This week's video is courtesy of rapper Big Sean's Instagram story. (Add him to the long list of famous people who attend these Sunday Services.) The video shows the children's choir dressed in they Yeezy choir gear, with North and Saint West standing together (North has her hands on her brother's shoulder) and cousin Penelope Disick standing with them.

The kids are singing their little hearts out to Sinéad O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2U," a classic. West's Sunday Service choir commonly takes popular songs and remixes them to have more of a spiritual vibe. At the May 19 service, for example, the choir took Sia's "Chandelier" and made it more religious. Sia was even at that Sunday Service, and she spontaneously got up to sing with the choir.

None of the "Nothing Compares 2U" lyrics heard in Big Sean's video aren't changed from the original lyrics, but the video is also less than a minute long, so it's possible they changed up other parts of the song.

But how cute is this video?!

Kanye West's Sunday Service choir got to perform at Coachella as well. Kim Kardashian posted about the experience, which ended up happening on Easter Sunday in April.

"COACHELLA 2019. Sunday Service was so special to experience here at Coachella especially for my first time here!" Kardashian said.

Her caption continued,

Kanye started Sunday Service for healing for himself and his close friends and family. He had this vision of starting a church for few years and it was magical seeing everyone else get to experience it. I’m so proud of you babe for doing exactly whats in your heart. The choir and band work so hard and have so much fun! It’s so inspiring to watch. Thank you to everyone who woke up early to spend Easter Sunday with us. It’s a memory we will cherish forever.

The Sunday Services are super popular among California-based celebs (and Coachella attendees, clearly), but one family that's close to the Kardashians hasn't been able to make it yet.

Chrissy Teigen told Cosmopolitan that she and John Legend want to attend the services eventually, but their schedules just haven't permitted it yet.

"I want to go so badly. We’re just always busy because I feel like Sunday is our only day where John [Legend] doesn’t have The Voice," Teigen told the outlet. "We want to be able to gather up everybody because I know Luna would love to hear that music so much. It’s gospel and it’s a way to bring everybody together... So we want to go so, so badly, but we just haven’t made it out there."

Put Luna in the choir, Chrissy!