Meghan Markle Fumbled While Presenting An Award & The Video Is Kind Of Adorable

by Karen Ruffini
WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

How do I love Meghan Markle? Let me count the ways. The soon-to-be royal is smart, talented, and absolutely gorgeous, but it's her outgoing personality that really resonates with me. Proof that she can roll with the punches? A video of Meghan Markle's award ceremony mixup popped up on the internet, and, while it is just a tiny bit cringeworthy, Markle proves that she is the queen of keeping cool under pressure.

On Thursday, Feb. 1, Markle attended her first awards event, the Endeavour Fund Awards, where she was to speak and present awards for achievements made by former sport and adventure personnel who have been wounded or injured.

As Markle stepped up to the podium, she started off her speech, announcing that the "second prize for the evening is awarded to an individual who has endeavored to achieve excellence in their chosen sport or adventurous challenge."

Perfect. Beautiful. A 10 out of 10 in my book.

Only, when she handed off the mic to her co-presenter, it was realized that there was quite a mixup with his and Markle's notes.

We see his confusion, as he says, "We've got different notes."

Then, like the superhero she is, Meghan Markle swoops in and saves the day by laughing and helping her co-presenter find the correct part where he should be reading from:

We hear her co-presenter say, "It's teamwork," and I could honestly not think of a better person to have in my corner than the future royal. She's beauty and she's grace, and she's going to save your ass when you're totally lost speaking to an audience.

Twitter totally supported both the error in notes and the epic save on Markle's part:

Seriously, the royal family is gaining a pretty incredible person.

While Markle is well-known for her character, Rachel Zane, on the show Suits, she's also known for being a fearless feminist, showing young women everywhere that they too can be as badass as herself. (Let's be real: staying calm, cool, and collected on stage while trying to sort out your notes in front of a TON of people is probably one of the most badass things a person can do.)

In Markle's lifestyle blog, The Tig (RIP), she encouraged women to realize their worth. Back in 2014, on Markle's 33rd birthday, she wrote:

You need to know that you’re enough. A mantra that has now engrained itself so deeply within me that not a day goes by without hearing it chime in my head. That five pounds lost won’t make you happier, that more makeup won’t make you prettier, that the now iconic saying from Jerry Maguire–'You complete me'–frankly, isn’t true. You are complete with or without a partner. You are enough just as you are.

We can also chalk up another point for Markle being the awesome human she is because she'll reportedly be giving a speech at her own damn wedding. That's right: Meghan Markle might be speaking at the royal wedding come May 19, 2018, so get ready to watch Markle shine once more in the spotlight, undoubtedly giving a perfect speech on the day that she marries Prince Harry.

This most recent speech definitely proves that Markle can handle any little thing that comes her way, so we're pretty sure that from here on out, we can expect nothing but greatness from her. Even if all goes wrong, we know our girl carries on with grace and a smile, and we love her for that.

Meghan, we can't wait to watch you attend future events with the royal family. We know you'll bring humility and kindness — and a backup plan if things go haywire.