This Video Of Luna Doing Chrissy Teigen's Hair Will Make Your Heart Grow 10 Sizes

by Karen Ruffini
Ari Perilstein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen is one of the easiest celebrities to love. She's down to earth, she's witty, and she's clearly a kickass mom to her children, 2-year-old Luna and 7-month-old Miles. And, like any average parent, Chrissy Teigen does everything with her kids, including things like playing dress-up and acting as a guinea pig for her children's make-believe creations. And that's precisely why this video of Luna doing Chrissy Teigen's hair is so damn cute — because she lets her little toddler turn the top of her head into an actual forest, and doesn't even bat an eye. Not to mention that Teigen somehow pulls off the look, which is not even fair.

The Lip Sync Battle host took to Instagram late in the evening of Thursday, Jan. 10, to post what seems to be a throwback video to her tropical vacation with her family. In the video, we see Chrissy (pre-haircut, hence the assumption of a throwback) sitting on the floor in what appears to be a towel — and rocking the ensemble, obviously. While she's sitting, we see Luna carefully crafting the perfect ~lewk~ for her mom — which is a tree branch with leaves in her hair.

"I love it!" Tiegen earnestly tells her daughter, but then Luna sees that the hair, erm, accessory, is falling down, so she goes to fix it, and completes the look.

We hear Luna's tiny voice exclaim, "You look so beautiful!" and my heart simply cannot take the cuteness. She pets her mom's hair and gives her a hug and a kiss, and now I'm in a puddle of tears on the floor.

Check it out for yourself, but keep in mind that this video will melt even the coldest of hearts.

This obviously isn't the first time we've seen Teigen doing the absolute most with Luna on social media. Just last month, she posted a video of her and Luna singing "A Whole New World" from Aladdin and it was pure bliss to watch.

On Monday, Dec. 3, she posted the video of her and Luna dancing around together while singing everyone's favorite Aladdin song. In her caption, she revealed that this is something that she does nightly with Luna, and for some reason, that makes me want to sob and also hang with this family every night).

"Nightly ritual! A magic carpet sky? I dunno the words I'm old I forget," Teigen captioned the video after screwing up the lyrics — not that Luna (or anyone else) cares about that small detail.

Also, can we talk about how Luna is dressed up as Elsa from Frozen in this video, and is dressed as Cinderella in her more recent video? Watch your back, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, because it looks like there's some new royalty in town.

And if you're wondering where Miles is during all of this, fret not, because Teigen posted the cutest picture of her snuggling her little one just a few days prior. "Hibernation," she captioned the pic, alongside a little bear emoji, because this is the epitome of mama bear and baby bear.

Too damn precious.

So there you have it. Chrissy Teigen's children are the absolute cutest, and little Luna is definitely paving her way to becoming a hairdresser to the stars. Gotta start 'em young, you know?