Kylie Jenner Basically Ran Into 2 Of Her Sisters' Exes At A Club

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images; Michael Loccisano/Getty Images; Elsa/Getty Images

Your sisters' exes walk into a bar — separately though — but you're already there, so they leave, and then you leave because it just got real weird, amirite? Well, true story, kinda... In this video of Kylie Jenner, Ben Simmons, and Tristan Thompson at the same club they are all seen entering and exiting Delilah nightclub in West Hollywood very early on the morning of Thursday, June 6.

Like, really early. Like, you-were-having-a-really-great-time-until-they-showed-up early.

Ugh, bros...

Anyway, here's the deal: Jenner is already in Delilah and she was probably having a great night because said "awkward" encounter was recorded around 2 a.m., when Los Angeles clubs close their doors. New Yorkers, I know, it's mad early for you, but it's late late for Californians.

Jenner is probably minding her own business, chilling in the VIP section, taking selfies, and FaceTiming Stormi when — according to this video captured by TMZ — Simmons, Kendall Jenner's ex, strolls into the WeHo hot spot in a salmon-colored sweatshirt, gray pants, and an iced-out chain timestamped at 1:58 a.m.

Then Thompson, Khloé Kardashian's cheating ex, follows about 5 seconds behind in an all-black hoodie.

At 2:03 a.m., Thompson and Simmons duck back out of the club. That was super fast. The former Kardashian-Jenner baes were out of there in five minutes. Five minutes!

Kylie left at about 2:08 a.m., meaning the whole thing went down in 10 minutes, tops.

That's long enough to have a silent stare down in the club.

That's long enough to dance battle it out in the club.

And that's actually long enough to dance to two songs, side-eye your sisters' exes, and then leave the club.

I'm imagining Kylie did the latter.

But seriously, maybe the guys dipped because it was already closing time? Or maybe they were tired? Or maybe they left because their exes sister was, in fact, in the club?!

It is pretty unclear whether there was any sort of interaction between the trio. However, I'm pretty sure things got a little weird. Need I remind you, Simmons and Kendall dated on and off for about a year, calling things off in May 2019, while Thompson is Khloé's ex, who was snapped around town seemingly smooching multiple different women while she was pregnant with their daughter, True. He was also involved in a reported cheating scandal involving Kylie's now ex-BFF Jordyn Woods.

After the first scandal, Khloé was trying to keep their family unit together, but to no avail. Since their split, KoKo's been turning to home renovations to get out the bad mojo and, more importantly, set his things on fire. OK, so maybe not the last part, but a girl can dream.

Khloé posted a video on Instagram where she returns to her renovated spot to find Home Edit, the team helping her burn all of Thompson's things — I mean, reorganize. In the video, she sounds so ecstatic to be doing away with that difficult part of her life.

"I'm walking into my house because I'm moving and guess who's here," she said. "The Home Edit to make me happy! Thank you!"

Glad she's well.

Hollywood is a pretty small town but, hopefully, Kylie won't run into any of her sisters exes again, but she probably can't count on it.