This video of Kratu the rescue dog at Crufts 2020 is the funniest thing ever.

This Adorable Rescue Dog Hilariously Went Off-Script During A UK Dog Show

The Crufts dog show in Birmingham, England, features some really special pups, but there's one in particular who stole the show this year. Kratu is a rescue dog who made the ultimate agility run by breaking all of the rules. This video of Kratu the rescue dog at Crufts 2020 might be the most hilarious agility run you'll ever see.

Kratu, otherwise known as Baron Kratu von Bearbum, is a rescue dog from Romania, and he made a stellar appearance at the 2020 Crufts dog show on Friday March 6, at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham. Crufts — which is organized by The Kennel Club — is a famous worlde wide dog event dating back to 1891.

Kratu was one of the doggos showcasing his moves on an agility course for rescue dogs, but this wasn't his first rodeo. A dog agility course is a timed sport that focuses on a dog's speed, grace, and performance as they makes their way through obstacles such as tunnels, seesaws, hurdles, and more. Kratu first went viral for his unorthodox 2018 performance, and he has since become a fan-favorite pup.

Crufts 2020 was Kratu's final performance, so he took it to another level this year. Kratu showed off to his fans on the Crufts agility course by hiding inside tunnels, running in circles, and finally stealing a pole from a hurdle and running away with it in his mouth.

On Friday, Feb. 28, it was announced on Kratu's official Twitter account that the energetic dog was retiring from agility events and would not appear at Crufts again in 2021.

While other dogs try so hard to do everything correctly, Kratu goes out of his way to fail the course, but he does it with such style and finesse, he deserves a prize.

Kratu's infamous fails excited the crowd at Crufts, as well as the commentators. When Kratu stole the pole from the hurdle, a commenter chimed in, "Oh, excuse me, now that's definitely against the rules." People on Twitter are commenting on the adorable pup's risky moves, and TBH, who can get enough of Kratu, the pole-stealing, hurdle-dodging, agility fiend?

Kratu, you're a hero to many:

But Kratu's biggest fan is definitely his owner, Tess Eagle Swan, who is thankful for such a funny, sweet pup that helps her with her autism.