Justin Copied Taylor's Banana Meltdown On Insta & IDK If I Should Laugh Or Not

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Aw, man! Just when the whole world was finally lovin' up on Justin Bieber, he somehow managed to go and change the narrative less than a week after tying the knot with Hailey Baldwin for a second time. And it's all because of Taylor Swift and a freaking banana. ICYMI, TayTay went and got herself some Lasik eye surgery, then was later surprised by a hilarious post-op clip of herself on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that showed her trying (and failing) to select the right banana, and having a mini emotional breakdown over it in her high-on-pain-meds state. If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you go watch it ASAP, then check out the video of Justin Bieber copying Taylor Swift's banana meltdown and LMK how you feel.

On the one hand — I'm not gonna lie — I legit laughed out loud at the Biebs' re-enactment of Swift's banana struggles on Instagram Live. The jury's out on whether Bieber was making fun of Swift at her expense or not. (The moment is objectively pretty hilarious and plenty of people were making fun of it lightheartedly on social media before Bieber did, but considering Bieber and Swift's relationship is quite contentious, it's no surprise fans bristled at the idea of Bieber copying the moment for laughs, possibly at Swift's expense).

Adding another dimension to all the drama is the fact that Baldwin was the one who filmed the footage of Bieber, and can be heard laughing in the background calling the whole thing "so funny."

Is it tho? I don't know, y'all, I'm so conflicted.

First, let's take a look at the video of Swift's appearance on The Tonight Show:

Don't you just love moms?

Honestly, this video is everything and Swift's game reaction to it totally made my day. I mean, I haven't been this into TS since #DrunkTaylor was a thing back in August. The world just loves a loopy Swift, you know? Which is why I really don't know how to feel about Bieber standing in his kitchen recreating the moment for laughs.

"It’s not the banana that I wanted!" he fake-whined on IG. "It’s not the right banana. It has no head!"


So what do you think? If these two were friends, I'd be willing to chalk the whole thing up to the fact that the Biebs was just playing around. And I bet Swift would, too. But the thing is, these two aren't friends. In fact, there's been a ton of ~bad blood~ between them ever since Scooter Braun acquired Swift's entire song catalog this summer — something Swift later referred to as her "worst case scenario" because of what she claims was "incessant, manipulative bullying" she received at his hands for years. elite Daily reached out to Braun's team previously for comment on Swift's bullying accusation, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Bieber felt the need to defend his friend and manager against Swift's bullying accusation, and things just spiraled from there.

Given their history, should Bieber really be making fun of Swift on Instagram? Probably not. And not surprisingly, Swifties on Twitter were mad quick to put the "I Don't Care" singer on blast for daring to mock their queen.

Check out some of these tweets:

Welcome to #BananaGate, fam! Sit back and grab yourself a banana or two (or 10) because it looks like we're just getting started.