John Legend Admitted That Chrissy Teigen Is His Biggest Troll, Which Is Why We Love Them

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen is easily one of the world’s most famous people. But she also happens to be one of social media’s biggest trolls. And the person she trolls most often on social media is someone who is extremely close to her: John Legend, her husband. In an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Legend revealed that Teigen loves to poke fun at him on Twitter. The video of John Legend saying Chrissy Teigen is a troll will definitely give you a good laugh.

"She always is trolling me. She's my number one troll on Twitter," Legend said to Fallon during the interview.

So, what exactly prompted those words? Well, it all started with Fallon bringing up the fact Teigen is constantly comparing Legend to Arthur the cartoon character. That’s not to say Teigen is the only one who makes the comparison. Plenty of other people on social media do, too, but Teigen definitely does it the most.

In fact, Teigen trolls Legend with Arthur memes so often that Legend claims he’ll be doing his own version of the Arthur theme song at some point.

If you haven’t seen Arthur, here are some of the lyrics to its opening theme song:

Everyday when you're walking down the street / Everybody that you meet / Has an original point of view / And I say HEY! what a wonderful kind of day / Where you can learn to work and play / And get along with each other

So, just imagine Legend lending his incredible vocals to those lyrics.

Watch Legend call Teigen a troll on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:

As for all those Arthur memes, well, they’re all over the place. Here’s a really popular one from 2017:

Um, Legend definitely looks like Arthur, at least in that comparison. Teigen picked up on the meme pretty quickly because shortly after the one above was posted, she tweeted this:

Legend’s response was funny, but also a bit sad:

Obviously, all of those tweets were just the beginning of the Arthur meme-ing that’s gone on since then. Don’t feel bad for Legend, though, because he’s totally in on the joke.

In an ad for Google Duo released in April 2018, Teigen and Legend joked about all the Arthur trolling that goes on between them. Have a look at how they handled it:

In June 2018, Teigen took the Arthur trolling to a whole new level. In an Instagram post, Teigen shared a photo of her and Legend’s daughter Luna holding a plush version of Arthur. Her caption on the photo is hilarious: “Luna and Daddy,” she wrote.

Her comment under the photo is even funnier:

This is my childhood Arthur doll. My mom has kept it all this time. Maybe I've been attracted to Arthur my whole life and now I found my real life human one.

Yup, I think it’s safe to say Teigen found a real life version of Arthur and now she’s married to him! It’s hilarious, but also kind of endearing. Never change, Chrissy Teigen!