John Krasinski appears on The Late Show.

Here's A Video Of John Krasinski Teaching A Boston Accent, You're Welcome

YouTube/The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

John Krasinski is proud of his east coast roots, and he's passing on an important gem from his time in Boston: his accent. Yep, Krasinski may be a big A-lister in Hollywood these days, but he's still got his hometown accent down pat. Not only that, but he's down to share the wealth. The video of John Krasinski teaching a Boston accent is the content I didn't know I needed.

Now, imitating a proper Boston accent is no easy feat. Believe me, I'm from Massachusetts and even I still haven't completely figured it out. But Krasinski seems to have perfected it. When stopping by The Late Show on March 9 to promote his new film A Quiet Place Part II, he decided to give host Stephen Colbert the ultimate lesson.

After Colbert admitted he was "terrified" to try the accent out, Krasinski gave him a few tips.

“Stay casual,” he told Colbert. “Because people, when they do a Boston accent, they’re like, ‘Harvard yahd cah pahk!’ And you’re like, ‘OK, now do it with 20 percent the energy.’”

Then, Colbert gave it his best shot and the moment was beyond hilarious. Apparently, he didn't exactly nail it, because he received a face palm from Krasinski. 10/10 for effort, though.

He may have put the pressure on Colbert, but, according to Krasinski, he struggles with accents as well, especially a British one. Despite being married to London native Emily Blunt, he hasn't quite figured out the art of a British accent.

"The saddest one is the British accent, because I thought I was pretty good at it. She tells me every day how bad my accent is,” Krasinki said. “She’s gotten my kids against me too. I’ll be like, ‘Hey can I have some water,’ and my kids are like, ‘pfffft.’ I thought I was pretty good, and I was proud of it, and now I’m totally self-conscious.”

Krasinski also used part of the interview to re-create his iconic to-camera stare from The Office, and it was every bit as iconic as you'd expect. You can see the moment at the 3:50 time stamp.

If there's any takeaway here, it's that you can take the boy out of Boston, but you can't take the Boston out of the boy.