Jin Threw Confetti All Over Dahyun & Chanyeol While Hosting KBS Song Festival & It's A Mood


BTS' resident MC, Kim Seok-jin, has struck again, ARMY. Jin was on hosting duty at KBS Gayo Daechukjae (aka, KBS Song Festival) on Dec. 28, and after all your favorite K-Pop stars in attendance walked the red carpet, like TWICE, EXO, and BTS (obviously), Jin stepped onto the carpet with his co-hosts for the night — TWICE's Dahyun and EXO's Chanyeol. Right from the very start, Mr. Worldwide Handsome turned his charm up to 110 percent. But are you really surprised? Case in point: This video of Jin from BTS throwing confetti on himself, Dahyun, and Chanyeol is such a mood.

Right before Jin, Dahyun, and Chanyeol hit the carpet together, BTS actually strutted their stuff for the cameras as a group. After posing with their trademark finger hearts for a few seconds, they teased what was to come in their performance at the end of the show.

"Is there a highlight we should look out for?" the red carpet host asked the group, according to VLive's English translation.

"We prepared an incredible stage," J-Hope teased. "Where you'll get to see our individual charm. Please look forward to it."

J-Hope's teeny-tiny spoiler confirmed fan speculation that each member of BTS would perform their solo songs off of their Love Yourself album during their KBS Gayo Daechukjae set. Just days before the festival, a rumored setlist for the entire show started circulating on Twitter that hinted J-Hope would hit the stage to perform his solo "Just Dance" first, followed by "Euphoria" by Jungkook, then "Serendipity" by Jimin, "Love" by RM, "Singularity" by V, "Seesaw" by Suga, and then "Epiphany" by Jin. After Jin, the boys would hit the stage as a group for an epic finale performance of their hit single "Fake Love." Of course, that all came to pass at the KBS Song Festival. So, show off their individual charms they did!

Speaking of their individual charm, let's get back to Jin's hilarious moment on the red carpet.

After BTS strolled off the carpet, Jin stayed behind to pose with his co-hosts, and as soon as Dahyun and Chanyeol were in place beside him, Jin totally took them off guard by sprinkling confetti all over them. Dahyun couldn't help but giggle in surprise at his antics.

Check out the charming (and extra AF) moment below:

Ummm, Jin, can you please calm down? I can't handle this level of charm. Nor can Twitter. Check out their reactions below:

What made the moment even better was that a little confetti got stuck in Jin's hair and Chanyeol reached over to help get it out, and OMG, I'm crying.

You can check out BTS' whole red carpet appearance below:

Can we all just agree, here and now, that Jin must MC any and all events moving forward? I mean, as one Twitter user pointed out, Jin came up with this little gag on the spot when he asked the red carpet host for a bit of his extra confetti. That level of ingenuity is unheard of, aiight? I'm not here to argue. I'm just stating facts.

Thank you, Jin. Never change.