A screenshot from the video of Harry Styles pranking a pizza delivery guy.

Harry Styles Pranked A Pizza Delivery Guy On 'Ellen' & It Was PRICELESS


Harry Styles is probably the last person you'd expect to run into at work, so you can imagine how surprised a pizza delivery guy was when he encountered Styles during his delivery run. But there was one catch: it was all a prank. Styles didn't act like his typical self, because, throughout the exchange, Ellen DeGeneres was behind the scenes directing Styles on what to say and how to act. Unsurprisingly, DeGeneres had the wackiest ideas for Styles to execute, which is why the video of Harry Styles' prank on a pizza delivery guy turned out to be so hilarious.

On Wednesday, Dec. 18, just days after dropping his second solo studio album, Fine Line, Styles appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss all things Fine Line, Kendall Jenner, and his very first nude photoshoot. Besides spilling juicy details about all three, Styles surprised fans when he participated in one of DeGeneres' hilarious pranks.

The video began with Styles chilling out in his dressing room while waiting for the pizza delivery guy to arrive. When he finally did, Styles immediately began following DeGeneres' hilarious orders, including repeatedly calling the guy "bro" and giving him endless fist bumps. "How 'bout broin' out with me? Have a seat bro," Styles insisted. "Yeah, let's do it," the pizza delivery guy said.

Then, what happened afterward can only be described as absolutely priceless. Styles attempted to eat the pizza slices in one bite, took overly dramatic sips of water, and talked about his infinite amount of love for all things cheese.

Watch the whole prank below.

Eventually, Styles told the pizza delivery guy that it was all a prank (though, the pizza guy handled Styles eccentric behavior like a true gentleman). The bit ended with the guy meeting DeGeneres and him and Styles handing out free pizza to the audience.

Also on the show, DeGeneres asked Styles whether a breakup inspired Fine Line. (Fans think the majority of the album is about Styles' ex, Camille Rowe, who he split with in July 2018.)

"If you want your songs to be honest and connect with people, it’s usually from writing honestly. It’s definitely about what I was going through at the time, and that’s both good and bad," Styles said.

Watch Styles' interview below.

Styles' Ellen appearance was one to remember for so many reasons. His charm and honesty were truly on display throughout the episode.