Harry Styles Is Suuuuper Naked In His New 'Fine Line' Album Teaser

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images

It's been two years since Harry Styles dropped his self-titled debut solo album, and fans have been anxiously waiting for new music ever since. Luckily, Stylers only have one week left of waiting, because Fine Line drops on Dec. 13. While the singer was just discovering his solo image and style in 2017, Styles' Fine Line album promotions reveal the singer has truly settled into himself. This photo of Harry Styles posing naked for his Fine Line album is a lot, and it has fans celebrating, but not for the reason you may think.

Just a day ahead of Styles' "Adore You" single release, the singer surprised fans by sharing a video to his YouTube channel on Dec. 5, titled, "Harry Styles - Fine Line Out December 13." Instead of showing fans his actual Fine Line album, Styles opted to reveal the vinyl record, which was a smart move, since fans could see a large version of the album that way.

A few seconds into the video, Styles' hands come into view and the singer begins showing off the album's double-sided poster, which features a very NSFW shot of Styles. He stays silent throughout the 37-second clip, because, honestly, the poster speaks for itself.

Here's one side of the poster:


Yup. That's Harry Styles laying in his birthday suit.

And here's the other side:


Styles' fans had a lot to say about the photos, and the majority were celebrating Styles' bravery and confidence for posing nude. Since Styles had never done that before, fans were proud he trusted them enough to do so now.

Styles' Fine Line photoshoot isn't the only thing fans are excited about right now. On Dec. 6, Styles will release his new single and music video for "Adore You." Styles has been teasing the single for weeks through a unique promotional campaign, featuring the fictional island of "Eroda."

The combo of Styles' bold photoshoot and cryptic "Adore You" teasers definitely has fans extremely anxious to find out what Fine Line is all about.