BTS' V Brought His Dog Tannie To The Airport & It's Such A Mood

Han Myung-Gu/WireImage/Getty Images

People can joke about who's the honorary eighth member of BTS all they want, but the title already belongs to Tannie (full name Yeontan Kim), aka, BTS' V's adorable Pomeranian pup. Previously, fans caught glimpses of Tannie in BTS' Bangtan Bomb clips, concert VCRs, VLIVEs, and documentaries, but now, Tannie made his first public appearance with V at the airport. The video of BTS' V carrying his dog Tannie at the airport is seriously iconic.

Although fans were already expecting some BTS airport footage since the group has fan meetings in Japan on Nov. 23 and 24, nothing could have prepared the ARMY for this. On Nov. 21, BTS arrived at the Gimpo International Airport in Seoul, Korea, to travel to Japan, and while all seemed normal, V surprised everyone by bringing his dog, Tannie, along.

The video of BTS' arrival, captured by the Korean news outlet Newsen, showed V exiting a car carrying Tannie. Sadly, their interaction only lasted a few seconds, because V then handed his pup over to a staff member. But before he joined the other guys to leave for Japan, V hugged Tannie goodbye.

Watch BTS and Tannie's adorable interaction below.

Following Tannie's first major public appearance, fans trended "Tannie" worldwide on Twitter. The BTS ARMY, who is one hilarious bunch, tweeted things like, "BREAKING NEWS ROCKSTAR TANNIE MAKING HIS FIRST AIRPORT APPARENCE WITH HIS ONE AND ONLY MANAGER KIM TAEHYUNG."

Now that someone said it, I can totally see it. V and Tannie's airport arrival is seriously giving me Paris-Hilton-holding-her-pet-chihuahua vibes.

Fans also pointed out how it looked like the staff member put Tannie on the car's floor at first, but V moved him to the seat.

Meanwhile, other fans couldn't help but zoom into Tannie's face when he and V separated. Fans found it heartbreaking that Tannie looked at V up until the last second when the staff member closed the door.

Luckily, V and Tannie won't be apart for long. After BTS' Japanese fan meetings, the group will return to Korea to perform at the Melon Music Awards on Nov. 30.