BTS celebrated Jimin's 24th birthday in Saudi Arabia.

This Video Of BTS Surprising Jimin For His 24th Birthday Is Too Dang Sweet


BTS' tight schedule doesn't prevent RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook from celebrating each other's personal achievements and milestones. Whether on the road touring or waiting backstage at one of their live television performances, BTS never forgets to celebrate a birthday, even if it's just with a song. Usually, Jimin is in charge of decorating the members' birthday cakes with candles and other trinkets, but for Jimin's big day, the members turned the tables on him. The video of BTS surprising Jimin for his 24th birthday is too sweet for words.

Following BTS' month-long vacation from August to September 2019, the group kicked off the final leg of their Speak Yourself tour at King Fahd International Stadium in Saudi Arabia on Oct. 11. Because the concert was just two days before Jimin's 24th birthday on Oct. 13, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook celebrated Jimin's birthday there.

Fans around the world were streaming BTS' Saudi Arabia concert in Saudi Arabia on VLIVE, which meant they had a front-row seat when BTS surprised Jimin by singing "Happy Birthday" to him in Arabic. Jimin was so confused over the situation, he even attempted to sing along. Eventually, Jimin caught on to the song's familiar melody and realized they were singing "Happy Birthday" to him.

Fans only had that short clip to gush over on the night of the surprise, but on Nov. 15, BTS uploaded a video showing exactly what lead up to the iconic moment. While Jimin rehearsed his solo song "Serendipity," the other members practiced the Arabic version of "Happy Birthday" backstage. Since they only had a short time to practice, the guys didn't mess around. Check out their preparation below:

The guys really played it cool, because Jimin obviously didn't suspect a thing. Look at how surprised he was when he realized the surprise serenade was for him:


Here's what Jimin had to say about the sweet surprise after it was all said and done, according to a fan translation by @Choi_BTS2. "When I heard it at first I thought it was New Year’s song," he said. "But it’s too early and I realized that it’s HBD song! I was so touched who can imagine this? Such a far away from home, there are people who like me... I was so happy... To be honest Jungkookie played a big role. When I saw him he looked so happy since then I started to do more excitedly."

BTS clearly shares an unbreakable bond, and fans are thankful they can be part of the group's special moments through their Bangtan Bomb videos.