The video of BTS' Suga's first version of "Seesaw" shows the song was originally going to sound tota...

OMG, Suga Shared An Early Version Of "Seesaw" That Sounds So, So Different

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ARMY, think about this: somewhere, there is a whole collection of unreleased BTS songs and demos. Every once in a while, fans get reminded of the fact whenever a member shares a snippet of an early version of a beloved BTS track. Usually, RM's the one teasing fans with snippets during his VLIVEs about the group's creative process, but now, two years after the release of Love Yourself: Answer, Suga surprised fans by posting a 44-second clip of what "Seesaw" could have been. This video of BTS' Suga's first version of "Seesaw" shows the song was originally going to sound totally different.

In the seven years BTS has been together, Suga has only released a handful of solo songs. Apart from "Seesaw," he dropped "First Love" on BTS' album Wings and his 10-track solo album Agust D in 2016, and he released "Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life" on their 2015 album of the same name. Since Suga's solo songs are few and far between, fans make sure to appreciate each one.

"Seesaw" has definitely been a favorite for fans ever since he releasedit on Love Yourself: Answer in 2018, and fans showed Suga how much they love the song by belting it out at BTS' Love Yourself concerts. The ARMY has become so accustomed to singing the funky tune, but little did they know, the original track sounded nothing like it does now.

On April 7, Suga uncovered the "Seesaw" demo on his computer and decided to share it with fans. "While I was looking around ke ke ke ke ke ke the draft was right there," Suga tweeted, according to a fan translation by @choi_bts2.

The demo highlights Suga's early vocals for the track, as well as the song's basic beat and background instrumentals. Fans will notice how certain instruments in the song's final version are missing in the demo. The file name was also "flower vocal guide.mp3" which may suggest the original song title was "Flower."

Listen to it below.

Now, compare it with the final version below.

In a September 2018 VLIVE, Suga revealed "Seesaw" was not even meant to be a solo song in the first place. "Originally 'Seesaw' was going to be a song for all of us to sing together. I actually wanted our members to sing it," he said.

"Seesaw" clearly went through many changes, and the final product couldn't be more perfect.