This Video Of BTS' J-Hope Using Jimin's Flexible Legs As An Exercise Machine Is Hilarious


The BTS ARMY just got a new video to fawn over. What? Did you think just because the group is on a summer break that they'd stop releasing content for their fans? "Yes, that's exactly what a break means, Kelli," you say. Well, you're wrong! These guys never sleep! The content never stops! That's why this new video of BTS' J-Hope using Jimin's legs to exercise exists.

In the Bangtan Bomb released on BTS' Bangtan TV YouTube channel, J-Hope and Jimin (who are BFFs) are chilling backstage. J-Hope starts messing around with Jimin's legs (he is ultra flexible, y'all), then J-Hope eventually starts using Jimin's legs as if they're the arms of an elliptical. Werk it out, J-Hope! Stretch dem gams, Jimin!

A gracious fan translated what's being said in the video from Korean to English, and it turns out that Jungkook (who's not partaking in this exercise and is rather a background fixture here) is complaining about an undercooked steak while J-Hope and Jimin are Jexercising. (Yes, I've now coined a new BTS fitness word.)

While J-Hope and Jimin are busy doing their thang, Jungkook is heard in the background saying, "It’s not even medium rare, it’s just rare?? Why isn’t it able to be cut?"

"It really is uncooked! It really can’t be cut!" he adds, while Jimin continues to look unbothered by literally everything that's going on in this video.

"It’s REALLY uncooked, though? What is this, it’s all just a lump of fat," Jungkook adds.

Behold, the new fitness craze: Jexercise. Also behold a hangry Jungkook.

He just wanted a medium-rare steak! Is that too much to ask?! This video is so weird and random on all accounts. And I love it.

It's nice to see some J-Hope and Jimin content! The two were roommates for years, so it's fun to see their close dynamic in videos. And they really are the best of friends. If you can't tell through this Jexercise video, then Jimin's quotes about J-Hope being a vital member of BTS show just how much he appreciates his pal.

"I really think he's such a thankful person. I think he's so crucial to this team," Jimin said in the Hulu Japan special, We Love BTS. "Everyone has hard times, and he most definitely has hard times too, but the fact that he thinks a member having a hard time is more frustrating than his own is so sweet, kind, and thoughtful. He's such a thankful member that I think, 'If he was not in our team, would this team ever reached where we are now?'"

In the same We Love BTS special, J-Hope had equally glowing words to say about Jimin. He said Jimin is "a great performer but also an amazing friend."

In an interview with Japanese magazine Exile, J-Hope said of Jimin,

Jimin is very cute. He's always so cute. He's the kind of person born with a natural cuteness. And even though he's younger than me, he sometimes acts like a dependable older brother, which is another charming side of him.

A dependable older (younger) brother who helps him work out. What a pair.