BTS' Quotes About J-Hope Capture Why He's Everyone's Ray Of Sunshine

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J-Hope is undeniably an essential part of BTS. He's just so darn sweet and is clearly a ball of sunshine when he performs and when he's offstage, too, and fans love him for it. But the BTS ARMY doesn't love J-Hope nearly as much as his fellow BTS bandmates do, and BTS' quotes about J-Hope prove it. He's been referred to by the six other members of BTS as the emotional support system of the group, often putting their hardships and struggles above his own. We stan.

In a Japanese Hulu special called We Love BTS, Suga, V, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, Jungkook, and Jin spent the better half of 45 minutes talking about how each member of the group plays an integral role in their mutual success. Each member spent some time talking about the positive traits their bandmates bring to the group, and it was pretty much a love fest. These boys are just so close. *Wipes single tear from cheek*.

Each of their comments about J-Hope make it clear that he's the emotional glue that holds the group together.

You can watch the section where the guys talk about J-Hope here.

And here's what the BTS boys had to say about J-Hope (whose real name is Jung Hoseok) in the We Love BTS special.


RM is the group's leader, always being the one to speak for the group when they're making appearances in the U.S. But he said in this interview that he and J-Hope share the responsibility of leading the group.

"J-Hope always lights up this atmosphere," RM said. "And he does best leading in performance, so he shares about half of my leader role, and I admire that."


Jin said he's grateful for the supportive and hardworking role J-Hope plays in the group's dynamic.

"He has this extraordinary leadership," Jin said. "If there's somebody out of place, how he gathers them up... I admire that and I'm thankful for that."


Suga kept his comments short and sweet — but still impactful.

"J-Hope has a lot of positive energy, so he always makes plus factor in the team," he said. Clearly, this group would be at a loss without J-Hope.


Jimin had nothing but sparkling reviews to give J-Hope.

"I really think he's such a thankful person. I think he's so crucial to this team," Jimin said in the Hulu special, adding that J-Hope's selflessness is what makes him so unique. "Everyone has hard times, and he most definitely has hard times too," Jimin continued, "but the fact that he thinks a member having a hard time is more frustrating than his own is so sweet, kind, and thoughtful. He's such a thankful member that I think, 'If he was not in our team, would this team ever reached where we are now?'"

Don't make me cry, Jimin! Of course, he did make me cry in the letter he wrote to J-Hope at the end of Bon Voyage Season 2, a VLIVE reality series the group films.

In the letter, Jimin praised J-Hope for his reliability and honesty.

"When I look at you, I have this thought," Jimin wrote. "'He is really honest and faithful, 'He is a good and nice one.' I thought like like, 'A person can be cool because he is honest and faithful.' I realized it thanks to you." Um, sobbing much?!

Jimin continued,

As a younger brother and a member of the team, I learn a lot from you. You always take good care of us. You pay attention to is [sic] and work hard. I know. I want to say thank you with all my heart.

Yeah, bye. I'm done.


Jungkook also sang J-Hope's praises, saying J-Hope strengthens the group more than any other member.

"There's not a person who gives us strength as much as Hobi Hyung," he said. "When we work, practice, or if there's personal lives, we tend to get exhausted or frustrated. But when that happens, Hobi Hyung gives strength to us a lot. So when he gives me strength, I cheer up a lot."

So basically, J-Hope is Jungkook's (read: the entire world's) sunshine.


V made J-Hope's role in the group really clear.

"If RM Hyung has the role of leader, I think Hobi Hyung stands in the middle between our members one by one," he said. "He's very sweet and takes care of everything. That's why he has clear image of what he thinks and what he wants to do, and he achieves it. And I think that's admirable."

Is there no end to how much these guys admire each other?! Ugh. They're just so supportive.

BTS' quotes about J-Hope show that he's an invaluable member of the team when it comes to making sure they stay on top of their performance game. And they clearly learn how to support each other more fully through the example J-Hope sets. I guess you could say J-Hope gives BTS hope...

OK, I'll see myself out.