A screenshot from the video of BTS' J-Hope recreating his childhood birthday photo.

Here's How J-Hope Perfectly Recreated His Childhood Photo In The "Ego" Video


BTS' latest comeback is full of so many surprises, the biggest one being the group released two comeback trailers instead of just one. Suga kicked off the Map of the Soul: 7 era with his "Shadow" comeback trailer, and J-Hope followed up with "Ego." The two videos couldn't be any more different from the other, but they reflect both members' musical styles perfectly. The video of BTS' J-Hope recreating his childhood birthday photo for his "Ego" comeback trailer is everything.

The ARMY is super observant of BTS' music details, so they already had a feeling Suga and J-Hope would star in the videos, especially because BTS' comeback trailers always focus on one member, and they've historically followed an order: RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, V, and then Jin.

When Suga came out with his "Shadow" trailer, fans were surprised to see BTS taking a darker approach to their concept this time around. Fans believed "Ego" would be similar, but, as it turns out, it's nothing like "Shadow" at all. The song samples BTS' 2013 "Intro: 2 Cool 4 Skool," although "Ego" sounds totally different than the original because it's an energetic pop song, matching J-Hope's loud, positive personality.

To go along with the song's upbeat feel, the "Ego" comeback trailer features bright, eclectic imagery, and also references BTS' previous videos. At one point, J-Hope recreated a childhood birthday photo, and the moment was so adorable it turned out to be fans' favorite part of the video.

Watch J-Hope recreate the photo near the 1:41 mark below.

Now, BTS released the behind-the-scenes clip of their "Ego" video, and it shows exactly how J-Hope recreated his iconic childhood photo.

The staff worked really hard to create a similar outfit to the one J-Hope wore as a young child. They made similar-looking pajamas, a yellow sweatshirt, and they even nailed J-Hope's purple birthday hat. "It's amazing that they made the exact same outfit," J-Hope said, before taking off and recreating the same pose he once did as a kid.

The hard work totally payed off, because the end result turned out so accurate.


Watch the behind-the-scenes moment near the 2:53 mark below.

Fans loved the callback to J-Hope's childhood in the video, and the sweet moment has since inspired an "Ego Challenge" online involving fans recreating their own favorite photos from years ago.

Check out a few of those recreations below.

J-Hope's "Ego" is resonating with so many fans around the world, and it's only making them more excited for BTS' Map of the Soul: 7, due out on Feb. 21.