J-Hope from BTS takes the center stage in his new "Ego" comeback trailer.

J-Hope From BTS Takes Center Stage In The New "Ego" Comeback Trailer

The BTS ARMY is really getting spoiled by BTS by getting two comeback trailers instead of one like usual. Previously, fans thought "Shadow" and "Ego" were BTS' next two album titles, so you can imagine how surprised they were to discover they're actually song titles from BTS' Map of the Soul: 7 album instead. Suga starred in the "Shadow" comeback trailer, but now J-Hope is front and center for BTS' "Ego" comeback trailer.

The reason why fans believed "Shadow" and "Ego" were BTS' next albums was all because of RM's "Intro: Persona" comeback trailer, released in March 2019. A chalkboard behind RM repeatedly showed the words, "Persona," "Shadow," and "Ego" beside one another, making fans believe BTS would be releasing yet another album trilogy. After releasing Map of the Soul: Persona in April 2019, fans thought Map of the Soul: Shadow was next, followed by MOTS: Ego. To their surprise, BTS revealed their next album is actually Map of the Soul: 7.

The BTS ARMY was disappointed their theories were wrong, but on Jan. 8, they got a huge surprise: "Shadow" and "Ego" are songs featured in BTS' two comeback trailers. Suga got the spotlight in "Shadow," meanwhile J-Hope is the face for "Ego."

The new song and video are decidedly more upbeat than the moody "Shadow," as J-Hope sings about continually moving forward. The song's lyrics reflect on past struggles in J-Hope's life, but always come back to how he was able to push through them by learning to believe in himself. The video itself totally reflects the uplifting lyrics, as J-Hope flashes smiles while dancing in various sets in front of bright, vibrant colors. Basically, this is the perfect motivational pump-up jam that every ARMY needed in 2020.

Watch the "Ego" comeback trailer below.

The "Ego" video really is everything J-Hope stans could have hoped for. BTS had teased a track named "Ego" was coming for a while, but ARMYs had no clue who might take center stage for the mysterious song and video. It turned out, the visuals are all about showing J-Hope's fun, carefree side, along with giving fans a glimpse into his past.

The video follows J-Hope as he dances around in various locations, including a city street, a hospital, and a tailor shop, ending with the BTS star sitting atop a skyscraper looking out over a neon-lit cityscape. The mot emotional moment of the video, though, comes in the middle, when a few pictures of J-Hope as a child flash across the screen during the second verse. The moment is particularly poignant because J-Hope is singing of the regrets and anguish of his past life, but thankfully, the verse soon gives way to the optimism and positivity at the core of the song as J-Hope sings of how he pushed forward.

"Ego" will be featured on Map of the Soul: 7, which drops on Feb. 21.