A screenshot from the video of BTS calling their parents after their Grammy nomination.

Watch BTS Call Their Parents After Their Grammy Nomination & Sob With Me


On Tuesday, Nov. 24, BTS made history by becoming the first Korean group to ever be nominated in a major Grammys category. They posted a clip of their live reaction on Twitter shortly after hearing the announcement. The 20-second video was enough to make ARMYs emotional. It's been a couple weeks, and now Big Hit Entertainment has shared the full moment on YouTube, showing the guys giving their family the good news. The video of BTS calling their parents after their Grammy nomination will hit fans right in the feels.

ARMYs were just as nervous as BTS to hear the nominations because, even though the group has been dominating the music scene for years, they've been snubbed by the Recording Academy several times already.

Fans hoped things would be different this time since BTS achieved their first No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 with "Dynamite." Map of the Soul: 7 was also the best-selling album of 2020 for half of the year. Critics predicted BTS could get nominated for top categories like Record of the Year or Album of the Year. In the end, they were recognized for Best Pop Duo/Group performance. Although fans felt they deserved more, they were proud of BTS for making history with their nomination.

At the time, BTS tweeted: "Thank you to everyone who listened to and empathized with our music in this difficult time. More than anything, the ones who made this miracle of us becoming Grammy-nominated artists come true are all of you, ARMYs."

Weeks after scoring a nomination, Big Hit has now posted a video of Jimin, RM, Jungkook, and V reacting to the news. The seven-minute-long clip shows the members staying up to watch the announcement in real time. The guys shared snacks and drinks as they waited to hear the results of the pop categories. When they finally saw their name on the screen, they jumped out of their seats in excitement.

Watch the whole moment below.

The first people RM and V called to tell them the news was their parents. "It happened. Did you see it?" RM tells someone on the phone. Before hanging up, he also tells them, "I love you."

Meanwhile, V called his dad. "We got a nomination," he told him. "There was a live show for the nomination. We watched it and that's why I called you."

Of course, fans couldn't get over the little family moment they just witnessed.

Seeing these intimate behind-the-scenes moments in BTS' lives mean the world to fans.